KI client crashes to desktop

After last patch (3.3) I can’t play anymore. When I open KI client it just closes itself without error boxes or anything. Just comes back to desktop. Before that I was running it pretty fine, even multiplayer. I’m running it under Windows 10 x64 Home Edition and my specs are: Processor: AMD FX-8320E Eight Core 3,20Ghz; RAM: 8 GB; Video Card: AMD Radeon R7 360 Series 4GB; SSD 120 GB; Hard Disk: 1 TB. I’ve installed it on HD instead of SSD. Tried to reinstall it several times, but same error keeps happening. All the times I was logged in my microsoft account before opening the KI client. All my drivers are up to date. I’ve changed the language to Portuguese before the update and maxed out the graphic settings too. I’m brazilian.
EDIT: Tried several times again and the crash persists. Even had tried to change profile, but it doesn’t even get to Downloadable Data part, crashes right after logo is shown.

NVM. My KI client got back working after I solutioned the Teredo issue and reinstalled it…

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