KI Classics on Xbox One with Supreme Edition purchased on Windows 10


I purchased Killer Instinct Supreme Edition (Season 1,2,3) on Windows 10 a couple of months ago.

This weekend I purchased an Xbox One to play KI Classics. I am able to play all characters in KI but I don’t seem to be able to get the Classic Killer Instinct 1 / 2 games.

On the store they are listed as Bundle but I can’t seem to be able to download them.

Also in game, it wont let me buy the Saison 1,2,3 because I already have them but when I select Supreme Edition, they would let me re-purchased it.

Anyone have information about this ? Can the Windows 10 Supreme Edition is eligible for Xbox One Classics Edition ?

Thank you

The windows 10 edition (the $50 one) does not come with the KI classic games. This is why it’s $10 cheaper than the Xbox One version.

Currently they’re not sold separately.

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You guys need to have dat included in da future dere

Actually, in Canada, the Windows 10 Supreme Edition is 59.99$ (CND) and the Xbox One Supreme Edition is 59.99$ (CND). It is the same price.

Regardless, I will pay the 59.99$ again because I am a huge fan of KI from day one at the arcade but you guys should sell the classic separatly.

Just purchased RARE Replay yesterday and saw this morning that Killer Instinct Gold is on it. Happy :slight_smile:

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Actually it was 59$ with taxes, so 49.99$.

Would be nice to be able to buy them separatly however.