KI Clans

So, I haven’t been touching up on the competitive side of KI since I am more of a casual player. However, I have been paying more attention to the bigger names and the tournaments going on since, I started catching every 8BBD in early August to now and have noticed the tags.

I’m only familiar with a two at the moment and was hoping to get some insight on the members and the clans themselves.

  • C88: Crazy 88? I have seen @C88TexAce and PinkDiamond and Daymein?
  • RM? As in JagoBlake

Clans are still a thing?

Don’t forget UA for Ultra Arcade, I’ve also seen PLZ and Emperor tags.

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Yuuuuuuup :grin:

Oh that’s right! Like UA PaulB and Emperor Robelo, good catch - I missed those.

There are clans and there are sponsorships.
Crazy 88s (C88) , Emperor (EMPEROR) , CG, etc are clans.
UA (Ultra Arcade) , NS (No Surrender) etc are sponsorships.
I’m no longer with the 88’s but am sponsored with NS. Daymien left the 88’s as well and is now with UA. Diamomd just left the 88’s but isn’t sponsored.

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Dang so is C88 still a clan, those are all big names? Not trying to discredit the crew but I have not heard of other names at your guy’s caliber.

I agree with @oTigerSpirit. Those other clans I really haven’t heard of until I played KI. I know I have some C88 friends that play KI as well as SF4. I guess I need to research what clans there are. Are these clans exclusive in a way? Like you have to be chosen and selected, or just really good at the game and willing to go to tourneys or something? I’m not saying I’ll join (Nowhere near good enough) but just asking.

(Side Note: And with a Sponsor, Is there a type of NDA contract or something? Because one of my friends got sponsored playing Call of Duty, and he apparently doesn’t like talking about his Sponsorhip to me. Like he does, but leaves huge chunks of info out. I didn’t know if it was just a sponsorship thing.)

I played several of the C88 like cupcake and illwill. I played texasace when he was a c88 back in S1 where i got molly whopped lol. they are still a thing but not many i see in KI at the moment. I tried joining but the leaders never got back to me when i sent messages in the past. they are all good players from what i come across. UA people are just as hard but i learned alot playing against PaullB. The Emperor team like Menzo and Robelo inspired me to play glacius and TJ so mad props to them.