KI Boston Meetup!

I’ve posted on here (usually in the tournaments section) and Reddit a couple of times asking if people would be interested in a casual get together in Boston. The venue is The Church on the Hill right in Downtown. Ive met a couple of people slowly during our Smash 4 weeklies on Thursday nights where I bring a KI setup but I’ve been hoping to do something slightly larger with it.

So next Friday (5/20) around 6:30 we will be hosting our first official Pokken Tournament. The head TO gave me permission to do something small for KI on the side during the event. I doubt there will be enough people to do anything serious, but nevertheless I’d love to meet new locals and talk with other people who love the game. Maybe if enough people attend we can do a casual bracket? If it does well I’m sure the head TO wouldn’t mind doing something more exclusive in the future.

So if you’re interested in showing, definitely make sure to let me know so that I’m prepared! Also, I try to bring my KI setup every other Thursday around 6:30 as well so message me if you’re curious about the venue and want to hang out. Thanks all for reading!