KI blindfolded tips?

I want to try something new in KI. I want to play the game blindfolded. Why? I want to try somehpthing new plus the classic"video games hurts your eyes" can’t be used against me. Where should I start?

For starters, you could put on the blindfold. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol. Tried that. Got wrecked by a level 1 player. Watched the replay. It invlolved me doing random fireballs and cyberdashes. Fireballs when he is close and above me. Cyberdashes at full screen.

Pick a back-forward character. Preferably Sabrewulf.

Pick Kan-Ra, do jump+HP and Scarabs. You’ll place in tournaments.


Interesting. Will try that.

@SightlessKombat knows a thing or two about this type of play.

You can’t just jump to this level of play by skipping one important aspect before it. You need to fully understand whichever character you plan to do this with inside and out. How much damage/meter/chip damage certain linked combos give you first plus how much KV on the meter each attack gives you as well so you know not to blow it out. You need to play with no health bars or any meter bars displayed first. This will help you fully understand and once you know how to properly manage your resources without actually seeing how much you have (without wasting it too; using a meter if enough potential damage built up will finish the round with a normal combo ender) then you can actually play at the Kenshi level.

If I ever go to a Tourney, and I have a dude that’s like, “Bro, hang on for a minute.” Then Pulls out a Headband and Covers his eyes, and says, “Let’s Go. Good Luck.” I’m gonna be like:

Massive Props if you can! That’s Amazing!

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I guess the new KV and Meter “ding sound” would help. First I am gonna start off with playing without the Health Bar,Shadow Meter,Instinct Bar,and KV meter. Then comes learning walk speeds and their sounds. Then Dashes and jumps. Then learn how to break doubles with their sound. Now to figure out manuals. Also TJ Auto Barrage will be a pain but I will figure it out somehow.

I commend you for trying this, it’s an interesting thing for people to try, especially if they can see in the first place.

First thing I will do is offer to help where I can. I won’t be able to play very often at the moment most likely, but I would be willing to talk with you over messages and the like and when I get the time, I’d be happy to fight you in private matches and see what I can do to help, if anything.

First and foremost I believe things are being overcomplicated from the beginning - learning walkspeeds etc. Killer Instinct is, as you are probably aware by now, a fast-paced, offense-oriented game. Personally, I haven’t learnt the amount of damage or the number of frames that a move takes to execute etc, simply because I can’t - I haven’t found a way to do this in an accessible format yet. I simply play by the situation and, whilst it might be considered a risky or foolhardy strategy, it does work to an extent.

I would start learning what the various moves of your character sound like though as that’s an integral part of a character. With one like Fulgore, for example, try to make yourself aware of the fireballs speed and think about where your opponent is and whether the fireball you’re thinking about putting out will hit him/her in time to make a difference. For example, if they’re up close, near enough any fireball will work speed wise, but DF+hp would be the best option as it comes out the quickest giving them less time to avoid it.

Breaking doubles by sound is part educated guess, part recognition from my experience. If you’ve broken a double before and you see/hear it repeated, (as a lot of players will do during a combo after a lockout), you can learn to realise which strength it is based on sound after enough practice. This is sometimes tricky though, which is why I wish the sounds were at least a slight bit more distinctive, but that’s a different discussion all together.

KV meter sounds etc will help, just remember what strengths mean for the KV increase.

Again, I am impressed you’re trying this and be mindful of mirror matches. What characters are you thinking of trying this with?

I’d also suggest wearing a pair of stereo headphones, turning the music all the way down and listening intently (that doesn’t mean turning the volume all the way up necessarily, just paying close attention to what is going on around you.) Moreover, if you have to, you can use Aria as she is a quiet, arguably less distracting announcer and turn down the ambience to avoid other sounds encroaching on your “vision” of the game.

Any other questions, feel free to ask and I’ll see if I can help.

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Got a turtle beach XO Seven so hearing won’t be an issue. I would like to use Fulgore/Omen and maybe Sabrewulf as a last resort. How do you know which side you are on.