KI as retro game in 10-20 years?

Would developer consider to make last version on current KI as legacy, timeless version to make sure that some fun and needed features would be playable many years after game would be abandoned? A nice and big farewell gift.

Imaging time when new KI 2 or KI 3 would never happened and all we have is current game and you played it for many years on your console which eventually died and you found working XBOX ONE but with no KI game (so goes the crucial updates) - you can install most fighters from KI DE disk but achievements and some unlockable content (badges, concept arts) would not be working without online features. Some kind of file that could be run from USB source to patch KI DE clean disk version.

Possible to make people start they own KI servers to play online in small communities, store their shadows?

Or it`s have many legal or technical issues to make it happen?

I already hear people refer to PS2 era games as “classic” and “retro”… and I’m like noooooo…

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Best bet is a remaster for the next-gen Console.

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