KI as a (animated/live action) TV Series, Movie or Web Series?

Would you all see Killer Instinct made in a live action movie, TV or web series? Or if it was animated?

Cause if it was a web series, it can start off with the season 1 characters about their origins and their involvement in the tournament.

The next season would be season 2 about the Rise of Ultratech.


Hmmm. I think animated are better than live action because MK, Street Fighter and Tekken are good animated. Or TV show will be amazing.

Id like to see a live action movie but the only way that would work i feel is if they do what MK did.

Put some good guys together (orchid, tj, maya, thunder) and theyd have to fight the evil characters to save the world lol idk.

Either a live-action web series or an animated series for me here

Different anime studios coming together for a collab. Like the Animatrix or the Halo Collab.

6 short films that focus on the origins of different characters, for example the Ghost In The Shell studio creating a film centred around Aria and Ultratech or the Studio that created Darker Than Black focusing on Ben Ferris leading up to him becoming Cinder.

It would allow different artstyles that can reflect the characters themselves.

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If Killer Instinct were to go Hollywood, I would suggest animated is the best way to go. Tbh, I really don’t see how a live action movie version of it is going to work out, unless they pick up notes from Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist

3d animation like resident evil or final fantasy or metal gear solid

I still really like the idea of having Killer Instinct comics again (which I talk about here) but if not that, then I would definetly prefer animation. I feel like there would be less limits on what could be shown and wouldn’t end up looking as cheesy as live-action might.

If it live action I’d Probably want it to be like Dark Angel. If animated Id probably want a simi surreal aesthetic like Æon Flux or Tank Girl(comic)

If they were to go live-action, I think it should have that Sin City/300 kind of vibe… half show, half drawn, 100% dream-like.

I feel that animated would be so much better with voice acting and cinematic animation. Hopefully a web series or TV show!!

I picture something along the lines of Titan:AE or Heavy Metal. High quality frame by frame Canadian animation with a lot of detail and fluid movement. Throw in a bit of Superjail and I give it 11/10

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Did you watch that movie? I love Don Bluth’s movies…

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I just dont know

Rather they judt focus on the game right now.

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Me, being the Film/Game Artist guy, I’ve had TONS of Ideas making Killer Instinct’s Character Stories we get every week, into actual clips. Like Jago’s Story? If I had the right equipment, and tons of money for sets and stuff as well as labor for the cast and such?

OMG I wish you could see into my brain with the Ideas I come up with. All of you would be like:


Live action, animated would be sweet. From a money standpoint, it could sell well. I would buy it. And watch it. Hell yeah.

In ARIA we follow.

Have you guys thought of the perfect fancast for a Killer Instinct movie series?

Web series or animated. Or have the Japanese make it into an anime.

A TV show can’t happen. Fox had a lousy cancelled show called Killer Instinct…I think it was a procedural cop show…part of the copyright agreement they came to in order to bring KI back was that Fox agreed not to make a video game based off of the god-awful tv show & MS agreed not to make a tv show based off of KI.

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