KI Art Showcase for KI CUP 2017 REMINDER!


Sup guys! Super late update, but I believe the Art Showcase for the KIWC is due tomorrow! Hope u art fellas got something to show for the tourney next week!


Was there even a showing last year?
I didn’t see anything last year.

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PLEASE have some of your art work there! :smile:

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Yes :slight_smile: Fanarts were displayed from the last KI Cup~!

I need to know this too.

I wonder if they will let these in the showcase…


oooo these are pretty good :slight_smile: Nice work

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It’s all my pop’s art he wants to know if I can get them in.

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Just tweet the guys in charge and ask them. I forgot their twitter handle but it should be easy to find.


I just did. I’ll let you know if I hear back from them.

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Wow need to get busy then

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It stars on the 15th January and ends the first week of March


Alright you heard the guy, lets get to it with some art fellas~!! :grimacing:


Late update seen on 1st post decided to post one of the KI art here :slight_smile:

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Darn discovered this too late. Was hoping I could have submitted some art for the KIWC show case :sob:

Damn, due tomorrow? Completely forgot about this. Time to throw something together at the last minute!

I think there’s a chance it can be due on Sunday instead of tomorrow, again i’m not completely 100% sure, but better safe then sorry! D: You guys shoudl still have the chance!

As good as that sounds, I doubt I could complete a nice piece before then :C

Never got an answer where to post it.

So I didn’t :frowning:

The art was never promoted or shown beyond the actual place of the cup- I didn’t see one artist submission at all from last year

Maybe this year those artists can get recognized somehow