Ki Arcade Machine

Hey guys. So ever since this game came out i have used fightsticks to play
but something was still missing. So recently i was lucky enough to come across this machine
and i thought it would be perfect for running Killer Instinct
just used 2 xbox one padhacks for the controls and the screen is running via HDMI to DVI cable
looks and plays great! now to just get some KI artwork sussed for the Marquee and she will be done :smiley:


very awesome!! :+1:

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KILLER! GODLIKE! SUPREME VICTORY! :smiley: :sunglasses:

Very nice setup. I help a friend make a Dreamcast machine (quite) a long time ago for Soul Calibur. It’s great to see that sorta thing still pop up :smile:

Very nice! :smiley:

Hey thanks guys ! i appreciate the positive feedback :smiley:

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It looks well, stellar. :alien:

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Really cool. Building an arcade cabinet is one of my “someday I ought to…” projects.

Looks amazing, ever consider making a video on every detail about it? I am overly fascinated by this sort of stuff so I need more than photos! :grin: