KI and Project Scorpio

KI received a visual update with season 3. But i still notice a lack of density (Polygons) in the game. And maybe it’s also the resolution… Is KI 1080P ?
When you look at MK X and Tekken 7 then you will know what i mean. It would be awesome if Iron Galaxy can improve this for Project Scorpio. :wink:
Please comment if you have any thoughts on this.

There’s already a thread on Project Scorpio (in Off Topic) and a thread on KI in 4K on Project Scorpio. I can’t merge these but I’m guessing a mod will.

KI on Xbox One is running at 900p, upscaled to 1080 to match your display. If you want to see what a 1080p or 4K version looks like then you can do this currently on PC, provided you have the appropriate hardware. I have to admit, running in 1080p does improve the visuals more than I thought it would - although it is still pretty minor. I mostly play on my Xbox still.

MKX gets a lot of visual praise, but I’m not really convinced it stands out above KI in this regard. Tekken 7 looks very nice, but Tekken has always put all of it’s graphical energy into the character models, with pretty awful backgrounds and visual effects. Tekken 7 looks the same to me.

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Thank you for your response! Well… It’s like there is a lack of density in the game on my Xbox…