KI Ad in theatres

Just went to see Kong (great movie btw) and before the movie started there were the usual ads, then suddenly bam! KI on the big screen being used to advertise alienware. Take that everyone who says ki doesn’t get any advertising.


Ayyyyyyy! I captured that Riptor gameplay. Awesome to hear it is live already!


So what exactly did the ad show?

It’s just a match between riptor and someone else (forgot who, cinder? It was definitely on cinders stage) cut with some shots of computer hardware.

Was it not on Forgotten Grotto? I thought it was Riptor v. Fulgore… Can’t remember, though. So many capture sessions.

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Might have been, i can’t remember, it was short and i saw it almost fout hours ago.

Would have been cooler to showcase more characters, just so people could see how crazy and hardcore the whole cast is.


What goes into these capture sessions? Are they shadow battles? I’d probably totally wiz myself if it was my riptor.

What movie theatre were you at?

I get an email from marketing that says “adding Rukari. We need to capture some broll for an ad. Why don’t we use X?” I go in, cap a few matches, hand off for partners to edit.

Not as thrilling as you’d like.

As for the ad itself, it is really just flashes of KI. Don’t think of it as a KI ad, but rather and ad for something else which features KI.


Dang… Well a man can dream. That’s the best silver lining I can find. Lol

Killer find there. Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! :grin: :sunglasses:


How did you react when the KI footage showed up? Did others reacted to it too?

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My fiance and I went to see The Lego Batman movie and see saw the ad! I got all excited, seeing Riptor; popping Ultra IIRC.

She didn’t enjoy it so much, with 1,000+ hours of KI, she really thought she could get away from it for a night, lol.

Definitely on forgotten grotto btw.

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I wanna see Seth Green do a Robot Chicken style advert for KI. Kinda like how they did one for Playstation All Stars…and Halo…and Progressive Insurance…and Mario.

You know you did good when Seth Green will parody your franchise.


That is amazing to hear! Now let’s just hope people see that, see how awesome it is and look into the game and buy it!

I saw that when I saw Logan last week. It was an Alienware ad and KI was being played on the hardware.

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please tell me someone has a link to this add, I want it in mah life

Just bumped into it again as a YouTube ad, though i think it was a different version, it had people playing the pc instead of the pc by itself.

I saw that commercial last week right before Logan. I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy.