Ki 4k?

So more or less darker dark areas that can still discriminate objects and colors and brighter bright areas that can still discriminate objects and colors.

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they did!? well that answers one of my biggest questions

lol…yeah something like that! Its basically whites and blacks and how far they can be adjusted and how it looks in certain lighting by the human eye??
Seems simple but apparently it makes the visuals looks great.

Film industry value of HDR:

its the difference between a $3,000 dslr camera and a $90,000 alexa cinema camera

(in case dollar signs clears it up for anyone)

I wanted to make sure I wasn’t leading you astray so I googled a bunch of stuff and found this eurogamer article.

It looks like the assets are the same as for the Xbox One game but that the textures scale well to the higher PC resolutions.

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