Kevin Bayliss working on season 3?

Sorry, didn t do it on purpose :sweat_smile:


The lack of response to community-wide issue of retros, hair, etc is astoundIng.
If the comments and issues were about

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Well we’re getting a revamped story for the Season 1 cast in Season 3 which annoyed me greatly that they didn’t get one in Season 2 so I’d rather have that then redone retros.

Did they confirm that? Have a source?

This isnt happening as far as i know.

@TempusChaoti whats going on with kevin bayliss? I know this kinda news comes in time but the sooner kevin can start thinking about it the better the retro will be.

We want him back is it a possibility

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What are you talking about? It was confirmed almost 2 weeks ago on this site that the Season 1 cast was going to get a revamped story mode.

From this site on 10.2 they said that you’ll find out what’s been going on with the Season 1 cast.

This isn’t true. They are releasing backstories and stuff through text posts on these forums basically. They didn’t confirm anything about changing story mode in the game or anything like that.

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Well it should be done. It was awful that the Season 1 cast didn’t get a revamped story like the Season 2 cast.

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