Keeps crashing immediately before the fight starts

As the title says KI keeps crashing right before the fight starts leading me a loss to ranked each time.

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Hey buddy you gotta search for other threads that pertain to what your problem is before you create a whole new one, and yes this is a bug that happens to a lot of people and has been addressed for the meantime just play the game as you normally would even if it’s annoying as all hell.

I see, hmm this happens only on PC?

How long has this been happening?

I’m not sure how long exactly it’s been happening for but I play on console and it only happened to me when I was climbing the ladder back to killer, while in the killer leagues it hasn’t happened at all.

This is sad EVERY match crashes at load screen wow just wow.

And I am a PC technician aswell every other game else works perfect

only online crashes I tried everything time to delete this game I guess.

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Yes, delete it, please…I’m sure I’m not the only one tired of hearing you say that…