Kanra good players

anyone here play well with kanra or know good guides can anyone help me play with kan ra?

Dont know about guides but watch Sleep NS matches.

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Kan-Ra Guide by @Infilament

Also, look for @CStyles45 videos in Youtube. He is a great Kan-Ra player


Im a lvl 50 what did you need to know?

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Thnks I gonna check It out

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Some tricks and some strategy

A handful of really great Kan-Ra players to watch (not all inclusive)

Sleep NS


Can you send me a link?

The title of this thread should be renamed to cheap players.

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Papa shinku is a kan ra? Also I haven’t heard of bastfree.

Although I haven’t streamed Kan-Ra in awhile, you can check out either of these links for some good quality setups and/or matches:


Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Aww shucks! XOXO


Kan-Ra will take HOURS to master him. Trust me you’ll go through many salty days to finally get it. Watch out for saberwulfs mostly. BTW houdini and trunks and myself are also good Kan players, just a side note :wink:

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When you are free to teach me some kan ra?

FUBUKI is another one. He’s beaten me handily every damn time I’ve gone against him. (He beat my Glacius so badly I gave up on the second match, though, not to toot my own horn, I’ve managed to win one match against him before losing the other 2, I think it was with Riptor or Spinal)

His setups don’t leave many options that don’t involve you eating damage one way or another :expressionless:

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That’s tough. For me I’m very busy with work and feel exhausted afterwards. Msg One n Only he is friendly in giving tips on Kan ra players.

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