Kan Ra's request quest line

So I was doing this quest, before failing a riddle and it disappeared. Next time the quest came around I skipped it accidentally and before I could finish it, Gargos came and wrecked me. How do I make it show up again. I just did two playthroughs and I can’t get it to show up. I really want Eyedol!

It should come back, continuing from where you left off (so you do not have to start from the very beginning). Let me know if you still do not see this as you play. I will try this myself too.


Its likely.

I was wondering what could happen if you didn’t solve the riddle correctly, but yeah, sometimes you have to start a new Shadow Lords run but it eventually come back (as long as 3 continents don’t fall on Gargos’ hands) I will upload later the quest lines, but I have to make sure it got recorded correctly for a better quality overall, I only had to retry one mission because I FORGOT to do an Ultra against a Bastion buffed enemy and performed Shago’s Ultimate instead and got glitched (you can do the Ultimate AFTER performing the Ultra).

So does the quest line ever come back after you’ve successfully completed it and unlocked Eyedol? I really enjoyed the quest line, I want to go through it again making differing choices to see what occurs, but since unlocking Eyedol I’ve done 3 normal playthroughs, 1 challenging and 2 godlike runs without seeing it pop up again :frowning:

what happened in the quest line Idk if i was doing it or not.

It came back thank you guys very much.

currently no, its gone for good once beaten… BUT, this and other key story missions are all things we plan to adjust the rules on to be playable again in a future playthough. They will just be very rare/low priority. Things like the Relic Hunt for example have really good rewards, so we do not want to have farming of that mission :slight_smile: We will make a point of doing a news story on ultra-combo and tweets when we update all these to come back.

Great question btw!

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Great news! I was just coming back here to say that the ‘code’ of the mission says it should, but that’s not as good as you confirming its back.

Just for the sake of being thorough, how many more shadow lords new playthroughs did you have to do for it to come back?

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This is fantastic news, thank you! You’ve made my night, I’m looking forward to the occasion :slight_smile:

It was on the third playthroughs at around turn 6 or 7.

What difference in outcome do you get for, for example, placing something on the titan hand and indoing so destroying it and taking the titan hand, etc…