Kan-Ra vs Raam?

This match up is insane. Is it even possible to get in on hin? Nothing works. Scarabs every where. He can’t move forward. His charge doesn’t work as it runs out of armor. What do I do?

MP pokes have pretty good range, jumping HP or crouching HP to clear airborne swarms?

Just spitballing, I have zero experience with that one yet


LMFAO :joy:

Doesn’t work full screen when there is a shadow sand trap. He can also do the spike

Kan-Ra has a good MU again? What sorcery is this?


Try fighting Gargos :confused: that ■■■■ is annoying.


I am a Ra main. It’s still early but I think this matchup is horrible for Raam. Ra has to **** up majorly to loose this MU.

Raam is slow, has bad air mobility and all his armor moves get stopped by Ra’s multi hitting moves. Instinct doesn’t change anything neither.

So Raam has to wait for Ra to do a huge mistake and than abuse his bad wake up. Good luck raam players

EDIT: oh, and there is this




Welcome to the world of Digital Games, I guess!

Now if only all counterpicks would work this well…hehe. Kan Ra isn’t a zoner, he is a trap grappler. Add that to the list, lol.

Heres how badly the Gargos match can turn around. I got this guy into danger and he suddenly realized “oh wait, I can zone!”

In hindsight I should have just blocked for the remaining 50 seconds. No way he could have done enough chip to take the life lead in time. Thankfully I stayed on top of him in the next round and won the set so as long as you can keep him from putting you in the situation you can win, but once you’re in it yeah you’re screwed.

Raam is going to have to do quick reads vs Kan-Ra. AA Kryll Shield will definitely be in his favor to counter those j.HP attacks, or maybe even an early HK Kyrll Shield would work. Patience and command grab will work since Raam can apparently punish moves that are -1, and Kan fastest move is -5.

How many hits can Raam’s running grab take, and does button strength increase the number of armor points??? I can’t test that out atm…

Kryll Rush absorbs one single physical hit of any strength, but any number of projectiles.

Mira ought to have a field day against that.

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So with that said, Raam could (in theory) block a typical ub+MK~Air Swarm setup, and retaliate with Kryll Rush as Kan-Ra is landing, since Kan can’t do anything afterwards. I’m sure there are other air shenanigans that can be countered with Kryll Rush, considering Kan-Ra has to be extremely mobile to work most of his setups, be it a crossup or a Swarm tactic.

I have enjoyed playing around with the three versions of Kryll Rush, since they travel different distances. I have only fought Kan Ra once, and it was something like my second match with RAAM so I learned little.

Sometimes a light Kryll Rush is good to use to bait out a jump, as you’ll stop short without necessarily being punished. Sometimes a heavy Kryll Rush works out perfectly and you catch the opponent landing after the initial up-back jump they used to try to avoid you in the first place, since the heavy version travels a really long way.

I firmly believe Raam has the tools to beat a Kan-Ra. The main problem for Raam is getting to Kan in order to do damage. There are a couple approaches to this issue, but they vary based on the type of Kan-Ra player you’re up against.

One strat involves Kan-Ra throwing out alot of setups to increase damage potential, since not one move in particular does a considerable amount of damage. With that in mind, Kan-Ra is going to do tons of moving, to include cross ups, overheads, etc, all while planting swarms and sand traps and building meter in the process. He’s literally all over the place, and every once in awhile Kan-Ra will get in your face with support from his traps. In those moments, if Raam is good on the defensive side of things and can block, he just needs to be patient and wait for that opportunity to capitalize and switch momentum in his favor with a command grab or a well-timed Kryll Shield.

The second approach would be dealing with the Kan-Ra player that plays the “XvSF/MvC2 Storm Tactic”, which is primarily keep-away, with an emphasis on quick hit and run tactics to do damage overtime and gain meter-- less emphasis on actual traps and setups per sé. This one will run away with a life lead, and Sand Spike, or use cr.MP and st.HP with Sand Spike to maintain a gap, while using swarms as a weak form of cover. Whenever there’s a sand trap and Kan is close to the corner, he’ll sand dash over and continue to increase the gap by running away. This is more annoying to deal with, but still manageable nonetheless. You’ll still have to inch your way to Kan, and try to force him to get closer to you, but you’ll have to make way more smarter reads because he’ll try to escape as quick as possible, and by any means necessary, to include Sacrifice. That may include meeting him in the air when cr.HP, or AA Kryll Shield won’t suffice (not sure if there’s ever a moment when that happens).

This MU appears to be in Kan’s favor, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a cake walk.

Viewing it from Gargos side - if you manage to stay on Top of him he is screwed cause RAAM has all the tools to bully him on wakeup and upclose.

I’ve had similar issues with Rash and his tounge. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I know this post is super old, but I think I’ve figured this one out, so I wanted to share what I’ve learned.

I’ve been going up against Killer Kan Ras, lately. The first one or two destroyed me. I beat the most recent two, however.

The secret is seriously just blocking his sand trap and disrespecting his bugs (i.e. jump kick them out of the air, or sHP them off the ground). In other words:

  1. At match start, he’ll jump back and put out some bugs
  2. Inch forward, ready to block
  3. When he makes the underfoot sand explosion happen, jump and kick a bug cloud
  4. Repeat
  5. When you reach him, try to connect with sHP or jHK, to take advantage of the sick reach and maybe start a block string
  6. If he tries to escape by jumping, pin him down with emergence
  7. If he tries to fight back at close range, block and answer with a sMP combo or a command grab
  8. When he gets away, he’ll flee across the stage, putting bug clouds in the way
  9. See step 1

Fought this way, he’s even easier to manage than Glacius or Jago. When you’re close, you’re going to find that you can reverse a lot of his close-range game into combos (using sMP, especially).

I recorded the first win a few days ago. I just won another three minutes ago, but the replay isn’t even close to accurate. Have a look if you want to see the approach:


Trump Kingsly is making some awesome videos with raam.

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Thanks a lot <3