Kan Ra human skin alternate

What do you guys think?

A skin of Kan Ra when he was fully human


Yes, please.

How about we do 1 for Fulgore (Eagle) and Sabrewulf as well!?

Yeah, no. I think it would get weird. Obviously.

Along with Spinal and even ARIA for that particular matter :stuck_out_tongue:

I think hed look a lot like rashid from sfv

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Wasn’t she based off of her inventor’s dead wife? Maybe it’d be a representation of his wife when she was alive. :wink:

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Simple - give her a jetpack, a laser gun, a shotgun, and a grenade launcher. :wink:


Yeah but keep in mind ARIA has th ability to upload herself into different bodies. So ARIA could just ask Ultratech to design her a more human like body to upload into.

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Id prefer just another mechanical tobot design for aria

Are you guys being sarcastic? Kinda hard to tell on the interwebz :smile:

I don’t think it’d be too crazy of an idea.

I’ve been saying for a while that I’d like to see some stuff like this, where characters get an outfit that drastically changes their look, but still fits with the style of what they’re supposed to be.

Kan Ra is supposed to be a mummy, sure, but he’s also a sorcerer type of character, so it’d be cool to have a version of him that looks like he would’ve at the height of his power as a human.

Same goes for Spinal. What would he have looked like as a human pirate? What would he have worn? I think that there are some cool ideas that could be done for a pirate character.

As for Sabrewulf, I’d love to see a human version of him. Perhaps he has to wear some sort of steampunk metal arm bracers with claws at the ends, but I human, sort of feral looking wild man version of Sabrewulf could look awesome if done right.

Another one would be Cinder. Granted, he’d have to have some sort of fire pack on him and a few of his moves might look slightly different, even if the hit boxes and everything else remained the same, but yeah, if MK9 can do human Cyrax and Sektor, I’d like to see KI do a “Ben Ferris” version of Cinder.

I don’t think that ARIA would work just because she’s always been what she is now. But I agree that another robot design would be nice, just to have. I think that there are other characters that could get a cool version of themselves like ninja Jago, high tech spy Orchid, etc.

But Sabrewulf, Spinal, Cinder, Hisako and Kan Ra were all human once. So it’d be cool if they could get that look again without having to change anything like hit boxes, move range etc. At worst, it’s more options to have for a character’s look. At best, it’d be a cool way to see a different version of the characters we all know and love.

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anyway, I agree with the OP idea.