Kameo art

Might end up animating her specials for KI


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Man, you’re pretty good at drawing fems

Nice, very nice. Not bad at all too :slight_smile: :grin:

Thanks.still got to add other items,that animate independently, plus I want to make her waste a little more proportionate

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I want to have your flash skills!

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Thanks. I want a tablet, so I can draw it more natural. updated. Liking this one a lot more


I got an ipadPro in September and I’ve drawn more in 5 months than I have in years!

It’s a best investment for artists! Use that tax money! Even a surface pro if that’s your thing- there are flash-like apps for iPad but if you prefer flash for pc the surface pro loooks good although im sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know lol

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lol. I didn’t know any of this. All I know is I saw a video of a foo drawing on a screen with a pen, thinking Oh shxx!! I also recall seeing the price for it. Started with a W

Yes the cintiq is the most expensive Wacom rocks but that’s out of budget for anyone not flourishing in a business of using it for that sole option.

If I could help any way let me know

More naturally, naturally.
I dig realizimg.
Is that a word?

Wacom. I have one, and it works great

What’s your address and bedroom location?what time you normally go to sleep? Like deep sleep.

My address is somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom, and I go to Dreamland every 3 hours

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Great work, but what does this have to do with KI? :>

On the other hand though, amazing job. Keep it up.

Possible potential guest character in KI? :wink:

Cause I think this girl should be in it. This is the art, which I’m considering animating some of her moves for.

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I guess in this instance we can agree to disagree on the notion. I’d rather a character that didn’t look so similar to Orchid (even if her gameplay is different) Even so carry on with what you are doing.