K i pc help

It has been 4 days since KI went down on pc. DLC will not refresh on start up, cannot find a ranked game. Cannot find any solutions online. Did Live go down or…?

Were you able to connect online before? Have you made sure that your xbox app is running properly? Obtained a Toredo address? DVR isnt running in the background on the xbox app? Made sure to update the game via the ms store? Try those out and see if any of that helps.

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the windows firewall must also be enabled for multiplayer to work.

I cant refresh the DLC searcher on start just like you but i found some matches yesterday.

Yes been playing since it launched on pc. Network status all good. It all started last Friday. Can’t find a ranked match or lobby. Store in game doesn’t show.

Doe the other Win10 apps you have on your computer work properly? like the windows store, the mail app, etc etc. and are you able to update your apps via the ms store? Have you done anything like installed anything new or uninstalled something in the past week? There is something Ive seen tht helps reset the xbox services and basically refreshes everything. I will look around and when i find it ill post it. hopefully it helps.