Just tried the new beta for SFV 5-14-17

The online play still sucks…

I live in Metro Detroit.

I’m playing on PS4.

I have great (and overpriced) internet from Comcast.

It’s the same with Guilty Gear Rev and Blazeblue.

F this.

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I tried it. Lots of teleporting. I had a blast with Ed though.

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Did you like his unique inputs?

I don’t really mind the inputs so it’s neutral for me, but his juggles with his V-Skill and V-Trigger were really fun. Doing V-Trigger juggles that launch the opponent in the air only to bring them back to the ground with his V-Skill into his super was so much fun.

Adding new chars in a crappy game is like getting swaggy visual tuning to 20 years old pontiac.

lol front wheel drive pwntiac with spinners = SF 5