Just some subjects that i like to hear from creator input

So i have been an avid follower of this game from announcement to the present. Season 3 has been the best so far for me since it was a PC release AND Rash from the Battletoads made a guest appearance, which hyped me up on this game quite nicely. But there are some things in terms of design i feel like its a little off when i can compare to others and i was hoping anybody would shed some light on the first subject since i tried looking and nobody really talks about it anywhere. On the second and third subject i would just like community opinions on it. I assure you to the forums that I’m not ranting and raving as i really love this game, its just i like input if anybody has it.

  1. The TJ Combo auto doubles -
    There’s one thing about the guest characters and Gargos have compared to the actual cast is the strength of the button of the attack is the same animation for both punch and kick like TJ Combo. Why do this for those characters season 3 characters since their auto doubles don’t have a special function (except for Gargos and his portal punches which really how would you do 6 different variations of a punch coming through a portal).

  2. Rash Animations -
    I’m a big fanboy of the battletoads and i really hate to nitpick but i can’t help but mention some of the animations could have been different in terms of personality, like instead of shadow wrecking ball being the same looking as the normal wrecking ball, could’ve been his full body spiked ball morph animation from the arcade on stage four. And no i don’t mean the actual animation of bouncing off walls randomly from the arcade game, but the spike ball morph visual. Then his heavy punch, instead of just punching, could’ve been his steel claw morph from the arcade as well

  3. Tusk uppercut-
    On Shadow Conqueror you could of added a back flip animation on the last hit. As it would look great in game and could be something a little extra for nostalgia. But i agree it would look kinda dumb though as mentioned on the live stream when introducing Tusk

The reason for having the same animations for auto doubles of the same strength, us quite simple. They didn’t like the way their kick animations looked when done back to back really fast.

It’s not about balance, but about aesthetic.

Same for Tusk. They had it, but they didn’t like the way it looked, so they changed it.

Can’t speak on Rash, because no one (to my knowledge) has brought that up, and if they have I haven’t paid much attention to Rash discussions enough to know.

This has been discussed to death – by which I mean, it’s been complained about a lot, and the answer has been that the kick doubles didn’t go well with the barrage mechanic. Sure it’d be nice if they could get the kick double animations to flow into punch barrage, but instead they sped up the doubles by a few frames (which is better – I’d totally give up Jago’s kick doubles in order to shave frames off his punch doubles), and it doesn’t matter much anyway because the real way to decrease your breakability is via manuals.

Plenty of devs have come out and opined that the backflip would look stupid, so they don’t want to animate it. That’s something that you’re probably going to have to grudgingly live with.

They could easily do 6 portal punch ADs - they simply need to add 3 more that hit the opponenent in the back at the same angles as the 3 in the front already do.

about the TJ Combo thing to clarify some confusion, its not about TJ Combo i’m talking about but rather The Season 3 characters (The Guests- Rash, Arbiter, G. Raam, and Gargos) who have the same type of auto doubles as TJ combo, just 3 animations. Does anybody know why they did it to those characters to those season 3 characters (and not the others) cause i could not find any info for that decisions

Why the subject is called the “The TJ Combo auto-double” is because i decided to give it the term for him since he’s the character they started this trend with

also i’m not gripping or anything just a open discussion that anybody can be apart of

lol i didn’t think of that, that would be pretty neat, low kick would just be lower back, medium, mid back, and heavy, upper back, i like that