Just some possible Season 4 character suggestions

I would choose these for my 8 S4 newcomers


  • Make him the magic archer, similar gameplay to Hawkeye MVC3 or Green Arrow Injustice but add in some up close attacks spinning his bow as a blade.

Lovecraftian Corrupted Goddess Chaos Monster (Final Boss Light/Dark) Character

  • Character should be an insane corrupted goddess, Instinct mode releases the goddess portion of the horrifying entity. Should feel like a boss character. Has a Light pillar attack and a Black Hole suction attack.

Tar/Sludge Monster/Legion/Hive Mind Character (Creature that can exist as multitudes of himself in many locations, it serves the Final Boss)

  • Character can kind of move like Venom in Mvc2 or Blazeblue Arakune, contains many absorbed souls, has grapples that have long range that can absorb meter or instinct. Has strange hitboxes and alot of low profiling techniques. Its body is completely malleable.

Shark Scientist (Stanley Skullgirls :stuck_out_tongue: )

  • Through experiments the Scientist accidentally turned himself into a shark, he uses different chemicals mid match to increase the potency of his techniques, is very much rushdown and a back forward character, can dive into dimensional pool to assault opponent from various points on the screen. One of his chemicals can create a portal for him to come through to attack from where he places it.

Insectoid Bounty/Monster Hunter/Gunslinger/weapon master

  • Trap Heavy Zoner that focuses on mobility/escape/ variety of weapons. Not mixup heavy or combo heavy.

Really Old Man Kung Fu Master Trope

  • A master of all known martial arts, he is all physicality based. Becomes extremely muscled and damaging during instinct and can release large amounts of his ki in this mode (dragonball homage)

Nihilist Evil Human Stand/Puppet Character (Worships Goddess, Wants All life to die)

  • He starts a match not using his stand but you have the option to make your stand come out to assist you and you can even detach your stand into a puppet character at the risk of the puppet taking damage, if it takes too much damage you can no longer use your stand in any capacity. You can return the puppet form back to a stand form though to keep it safe. (Djnn could be the stand possibly) Similar to Jojo’s stands and Carl Clover/Rosalina.

Medusa/Snake Woman (second in command to final boss) -

Very uniquely moving character that cant jump due to her large slithering body, gains interesting stone freezing abilities (think sub zero) and movement options to compensate such as burrowing under the ground. Has constricting abilities as well (very good command grab)

Bonus Ideas:

S3 Bonus Character =

Kelvin Character

  • A rushdown version of Glacius same species as Glacius but his suit took the form of water.

S4 Bonus Character =

Ent Tree Character

  • A slow large character that focuses on sap lines/traps to the opponent to slowly drain them of their life/resources

A Bo staff like kilik

A psychic

A spy unlike what DH thought Orchid is

A male like nightwing

A male like Rashid an airbender

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Space Monkey.


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Jojo’s baby.

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I give you my like because you post picture of Kira…

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Lol. Back to topic. I really want to see person with possession spirit like Stand join Season 4! That would amazing!

Yeah, I would make the character a mix of stand and puppet giving you a multitude of options. Turning your stand into puppet form would come at a great risk though (luckily you can have your stand exit puppet mode and return by your side to keep it safe)

Your idea character is pretty cool! Few day ago, I had dream about KI new character. New character is person with possession spirit like I said. I remember possession spirit’s design look like skeleton beast with flame like Cinder. He look naughty! IG PLZ!

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Yo wait I just realized

He wants Devo

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something similar yes

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Were you inspired by my response to you?

If they chose to make 8 more characters, these are my choices:

Eagle - obviously male
Telekinetic character - preferably male or maybe female
Wind/air user - elemental
Mad scientist - male
Wendigo - genderless
Archer - either male or female
Gunslinger - male or female, don’t care
Sea creature - female because that fake leaked fish character looked hype as heck!

I would really love to see rushdown glacius. Although I kind of have a feeling that eagle will be that character.

Since I put a bit of effort into my thoughts for characters I thought Id make a thread

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I noticed your a mvc fan :grin: I’m glad to see our species is still alive :grin: oh and I think we need more grapple characters like thunder but so much more interesting