Just picking this game up - Some suggestions needed

Hi guys,

So I’m mainly a SF5 player and since that game runs like crap on my new cheapo gaming laptop, I’ve decided to pick up KI since it runs pretty good on it. I paid for a package (forget which) but I like playing as Fulgore so far. Is this game like any other fighting game where I should just spend time in the lab and playing the CPU until I grasp it’s mechanics? Is there anything you suggest someone brand new to the series focus on? Eventually I want to go online but I wanna be halfway decent and able to complete combos before I do. I don’t want to use combo assist and want to learn full combos. Anyway, please let me know and sorry for another “I’m new” thread. L8r g8rs.

I’d recommend checking out the various discussion threads and the “DOJO” section (both in-game and on the forums), as well as visiting http://KI.Infil.net.

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If you’re from SF, let me say welcome to a game where netplay functions.

As far as the basics, the link provided above is very helpful, and will get you a good start on understanding Fulgore.

Then there’s various Fulgore players, or just generally knowledgeable players, around for you to bounce questions off of.



Just learn how the combo and combo breaker system works. After that jump online. You’ll start incorporating the other stuff as you continue on.

If your goal is to get better at the game, I’d not bother too much with the CPU AI. It sucks and it’s not realistic (totally reads your inputs and blocks absolutely everything on higher levels, no matter what crazy setups you set up). Instead, I’d highly suggest you hop over into Shadow Survival (under Single Player > Survival > Shadow Survival). Shadows are trained from the tendencies of actual humans (including their strengths/weaknesses, style of play, reaction times, and more). So they feel MUCH more (I mean ridiculously more) like humans than the standard AI. It’s a pretty legit offline training tool.

And most definitely second you going to Infil’s guide, which has already been linked above. Also absolutely do the in-game Dojo (you don’t necessarily have to complete the whole thing, though, as the later ones can be tough, depending on your previous fighting game experience). That along with Infil’s guide will teach you everything you need in terms of all the mechanics of the game.


Welcome! I recommend completing the DOJO with Jago and alternating between Jago and Fulgore while fighting Shadows int eh Shadow lab. then once you feel you have ALL the mechanics down (combo breaking, Counter breaking, Shadow counter, KV meter, manuals, Ect…) …then branch out into online ranked and exhibition.

And stay on these forums and ask lots of questions… everyone here is cool and will help.

The advice others have already mentioned is a great starting point.Just have fun with your path :grin:

Make sure to finish the Dojo at least once, then go into practice mode to get some tech.
Even fighting against the AI can be helpful if you’re just using it to get muscle memory.

Also, it’s important to find friends of multiple skill levels to practice with. Being able to discuss and practice with people is an essential step to improving