Just got

I just got the season 3 Pre Order !!! #Happy :smile:


I sure hope each person that does, creates a new post. That will be swell.


I bought it too, was amazing. :sunglasses:

lol, the one things this game needs right now is positive hype. cause right now SE3 is a mess. lol let them be hype lol it’s nothing but good all the way around. I like that post tho


Says one person with their own perspective to the situation. You may not be looking forward to the Season 3 launch, but there are those of us who are, and who happen to want new characters and stages and other content. Since you don’t even have season 3 yet and haven’t had any personal experience with any of the new coming content, I think the statement of calling it a mess is pretty unfair. If you play and gave it an honest shot and still don’t like it, fair enough, you can be disappointed all you want.

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ya, I get that frame of mind. your totally right actually. no launch is ever perfect but if I felt like it I could provide information that would prove almost everything done recently from the devs had in some way feel short. I don’t mean a little short the stuff I’m referring to is considerable.

im not hating or saying the game is crap. I just said it was messy. is that not a true statement to make. seems pretty logically to me.

besides dude, we’re off topic and I just provided a little context in positive hype. I really shouldn’t have responded cause now I feel bad pooping on this thread. my bad OG poster person.

I spent all my $$$ on the ultimate source Fulgore figure… I’ll buy KI S3 next year… I still need to get better with Omen, and I want to start learning Aria soon.