Just A Suggestion

I Think The Game Should Have Something To Show The Opponents Connection. The Lag In Ranked Is Real.

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This would be helpful. I don’t run into latency problems with KI too often, but this would be helpful information to have both before and during a match.

I wonder how simple this kind of thing would be to implement? Hopefully fairly simple, considering how good KI’s netcode is.

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While I generally promote having more detailed info and options, I can’t support this with my connection as is. Do you have any idea how many people would NOT play with me if they saw my connection speed? Sure, despite how slow it is, most fights run just fine - but they won’t necessarily know that looking at some network indicator on the screen prior to the fight. They’d take 1 look and say “nope, not happening.”


Have to agree with you there. getting the points when the opponent quits out at the Select screen is not the worst payback, but I’d rather get a match and quite a few times, there’s just the one dude I get matched up with over and over. So if he decides not to play and then block me for my connection, I’m just sitting in Ranked waiting for matchmaking to happen.

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