Just a few questions. Most of them specific to the W10 version

  1. Why is there a DLC check in the first place? Unlike the Xbox Store, all of the assets are downloaded with the game from the Windows Store, and there is no “Add-ons” section. On top of that I didn’t download anything when I bought the Ultra Edition, so really there shouldn’t even BE a DLC check for the PC version.

  2. That DLC check is also when my save data is loaded, and since I had to bump up almost all of the audio settings, this causes a sudden volume spike. Is there a way you guys can make it (in a future patch) so that save data is loaded before the title screen?

  3. Speaking of updates, how will those be delivered? Like, I know how to get them, but when you patch the game will we have to download the whole game (all 30GB) all over again, or just what’s changed?

  4. “Menu” and “View” are buttons that do not exist on Xbox 360 controllers…I know they suck for fighting games but it’s the only gamepad I have for PC. (And no, I don’t have an Xbox One.)

  5. How do I change the stage I train in? I would love to practice the stage-specific moves (for the characters that have them) but Training always puts me in the Dojo right after Character Select.

  6. This isn’t a question, but I love the Arbiter’s theme. Can’t wait for the S3 soundtrack and the remaining characters!