Juggle mechanic used to exploit free damage

hey guys…and a few girls :blush:. I think we need to start talking about the juggles being used in conjunction with hitstop for what seem to be infinite juggles. Only way out is for a guess break and with all the linkers looking similar is a hard thing to do.

my point is that TJ combo was nerfed due to his auto barrage and now it seems as every character can do the same thing.

don’t get me wrong, I love taking a beat down and I watch in awe as people pull off these moves but for the sake of being able to break anything anytime, this is just broken.

orchid can infinite whirl kick you for 40 plus hits in a juggle.

hisako does similar insane juggles.

rash does the up tounge and linker for what seem to be 1 chance breaks.

it goes on and on. I’m not complaining I’m really not y’all, I just feel this was an unintended result from the new implemented mechanics.

honestly kan-ra was nerfed to he11 for similar tactics and now it seems as if it’s ok half the cast does even more cheap crap than Ra ever dreamed of.

seems to me they created more problems for them to fix and likely they just turned this into a cheap azz fighter where we just have to sit and watch these cheap repeat tactics.



<IUmmmmmmm…what’s the problem again?

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lol. let me just say people are starting to dig into the juggle mechanics and exploiting the he11 out of it.

It’s been like this for a long time…

mmmm yea and no. I think these things are becoming more widely adopted and running into these exploits become more and more frequent thus ruining the experience more often.

Give me a video, or a thorough explanation.

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I feel u tho. but I have to ask myself why wulf and Kan-Ra get nerfed for these tactics but yet because of juggles now half the cast gets a free pass for doing the same things. I dunno.

I really don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Is this a stealth “why was kan-ra nerfed” topic? Feels like it is.


play the game and I’m sure you’ll eventually see what I mean. I’m not going to post a collage of videos that I consider cheap tactics.

has orchid done a 40 hit combo on you with nothing but whirl kicks? good luck with breaking those cause the speed of the linker ends to quick due to the distance from the juggled opponent.

Alright whatever you say.

I’m confused too, @FengShuiEnergy.

I mean you can juggle with flik flak for a 30 hit combo but without shaodw buster to cash out you get 17-20% damage which is fine. But you would need to open up your opponent 5 times at minimum to win the round without getting broken.

I dunno. I feel a free 17-20% combo isn’t ok. shadow jagos juggles are reactable except for light poke juggles and that’s cool.

but no one in their right mind breaks linkers so there’s a combo where there’s nothing but linkers? it’s not just orchid either it’s multiple characters.

wulf, TJ, kan ra all got nerfed for the same damn reason which is difficulty breaking these cheap combos.

@GalacticGeek and @FengShuiEnergy I too am confused.

opps. fixed it (thread title)

Lol…Hisako does insane juggles? Ok dude… :joy:


Ok Orchid can do that. Not sure if she can but I will take your word on it. I don’t think Hisako can do this unless she has instinct which is just a waste of instinct tbh. For Rash,if you are refering to the boot,only the heavy one launches high enough.

I think he means infinite air On-Ryo-Zan. Of course that isn’t that great anyway :joy:

ha! I meant hit stop manuals. lol