JoyToKey with sticks? Need help!

I have a MCZ TE2. I play on the PC and trying to get all 8 buttons to work. XBone driver locks two of them out for whatever reason, and not two of the first in the row or two of the last, but two in the bottom row so can’t even do a comfortable even 6 button layout.

Enter Joy2Key, except it’s not that easy to set up when you have never used a stick before. My problem is that the key names aren’t obvious, for one. For second I cannot seem to be able to switch to keyboard when the stick is plugged in, while joytokey itself only allows keyboard adjustment apparently?

It’s really confusing. Can anybody help?

Dude, to to madcatz website and download the xinput drivers. No need to mess with joytokey.

Far as im aware cant get any xbox one stick working with all 8 buttons