Joining UL or UA

So a while back i left C88…found out it wasnt worth it. But then i saw UL and UA and was wondering who i go to in order to join?

Pardon my ignorance but what exactly are those? I have met a bunch of players with UL, UA and C88 but never truly understood what that means.

They are clans. You’ll notice alot of big league players are in some of those clans

It depends on your preference, honestly. If you mind me asking, why was C88 not worth it?

Because if you pay attention they add anybody now. It used to be a good clan and dont get me wrong theres still good people but i feel like its not so much a competitive clan anymore…

I find competitive clans rather boring and inconvenient if you ask me. I’d rather be part of a casual clan or group that’s all about having fun and learning for the sake of the game and their own individual personal enjoyment, not winning (although that does tend to help, of course).

I went to a teaching conference today, where the guest speaker gave a great sports example that applies here. There are objectives and goals. The former is doing various things, such as having fun, socializing, learning, etc. The objectives are then what lead to the latter, the goal, which, in this case, is winning. However, you can’t achieve the goal without the objectives. Just my 2 cents and how I can relate it to something I heard today. :wink:

UA and UL are sponsors.

You’re not going to get accepted if you do not have a good Offline Tournament Resume.