Join Heliosquad for some casual H5!

@GalacticGeek and I threw together a Spartan Company in Halo 5. We REAAAAAALLLLLLY want the Achilles armor. Anyone want in?

Not played halo 5 for a couple of months but you can count me in :+1:

Awesome. I’m really tired and don’t want to type anymore but I’ll give you the invite to it tomorrow.

Sure, I’ll give it a go, casual player though :smile:

We’re all casuals too. Don’t worry.

I suppose I could try to help out with it. I play a little bit at the end of the day most days and get in a few warzone matches. Mostly Warzone Assault it’s fairly easy req point farming.


Do you know the commendation requirements to unlock the armor with, because if spartan companies can grow as large as 100 members, it sounds like they would set the bar pretty high.

Yeah, to get the armor you have to finish all the kill commendations.

Which are what, like 10000, I thought there were multiple you had to do for the armor, like assists, vehicle, and other stuff.

I guess I should have specified and asked if you knew the specific numbers and tasks on those.

Most of mine are done already. They go fast.

Also I sent an invite to everyone. Sign into with your gamertag to join.

As a further part of this endeavor, I recommend we all try to become proficient with the Arbiter when season 3 launches.

Represent the Swords of Sangheilios on two fronts.

@SightlessKombat and I are already doing training sessions when he launches. We might have to do a full lobby. xD

I’m in :grin:

Sounds like a good idea. Interesting place for my name to come up considering the Halo antics me and @RGLOfficial have been getting up to in MCC.

I sent in a request to join. I don’t play Halo as often anymore, but I guess having more players helps?
PS: Grifball is fun :smiley:

Well, I’ve been looking at the Spartan Company commendations for the Achilles armor. I see why Spartan Companies usually cap at 100, and why you would need that many. Those commendations are grind city. No wonder 343 keeps a list of the handful of companies that carry it now.

I was never in it for the Achilles though, I’m just wanting the Shinobi Armor…

And the back breaker animation…

And the Halo 2 BR…

And the pheaton req…

I am realizing that now. And I’ve been meaning to post here to get more people, because this Achilles armor rubbish CANNOT be done with the 10 people we have right now. I’m now only playing until I can unlock a few things like the DMR, Sniper Rifle & Phaeton.
What’s the max Spartan Rank you can get in the game btw?

It’ll be interesting as I@m now actually getting Halo 5 - it’ll be good to see just how good the audio is in person.

Bumping this up to see if anyone’s still interested… I got the DMR and Sniper Certification finally, still waiting on the Phaeton… and Banshees, I’ve opened so many packs and got 1 :disappointed: