Jesus, Eyedol theme is GODLIKE!

IMO best S3 theme and even surpasses few Mick`s tracks. S3 composers just made up for shallow Gargos theme with this one.


I weren’t feeling it but it is so much fire. It’s been on repeat all day

I do want a version with just the intro

I haven’t heard it yet. mainly because people choose random select before I can change the music for the stage and quite honestly if be pissed if I were celdweller and they hid my tracks locked behind some lengthy button combinations. so if they don’t care, why should I. I should have to work and wade through 30 fu k’n scores just to find the new ones. implemented trash.

One thing I’ve said about AtPlug/Dweller is they’re kinda like chefs that specialize in an ingredient, techno-rock, and it works kinda like salsa. It’s great on some foods, like tacos, questionable on others, like hamburgers, and just plain bad on others, like spaghetti.

Eyedol’s music however…they made the mother of all enchiladas.

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IMO theme selection menu should be more transparent. At least names should be in alphabetical order, not sorted by date of release.

Yeah it is really good! It’s all I used yesterday lol

hmm. maybe. what they can do is implement a playlist of all the songs that you want to hear when your player occupies the second player slot. The way it’s set up now is completely useless because first player hits random select to fast on stage select. so just pick the song on character select screen with the same time limit.

First, it’s the first one up when you press y in the select menu. Also, you can set it before you fight by going to CPU, picking the theme, then exiting before picking a stage (you don’t have to select a stage for your theme choice to take effect).

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Alphabetical order would, imho, confuse those who either can’t see at all (myself, @Blindgamer102, @Jukesy1992 and others) as well as making it more difficult to hear the latest themes when they arrive.

awe thanks man. even tho it’s not perfect and the workaround is just wonky at best. they still need to address the fact that we need to choose themes on the main character select screen. this is the right way to handle it. I should have to bounce around to 4 different sub menus to pick my music

I like the beginning, the intro, where it sounds pretty much just like the OG theme. The rest is kind of whatever in my ears.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here.
IG just needs to add the option to play the ‘opponent’s theme’ like SF does. That way you get to hear all of the themes on a regular basis without having to physically select them yourself.

On topic: The theme is great. Sounds like really early NIN type stuff.

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its my favorite theme from S3 followed by Tusks, I dont really think the rest of the music in S3 is that good though, way too much metal

AP & CD’s talent really shines on Eyedol’s theme, the music hits you multiple times through the track, has amazing variety and it’s all around a sick track.

The only thing memorable about this track is what was already been made, which is the intro, which they didnt composed.
Thats the thing with these guys their music is not creative at all and very forgetable, every single track by Mick was memorable some people may argue that Riptor’s track is not memorable but i tend to disagree.

What might be the right way for you (adding more and more menus) won’t be the greatest option for others, like myself, who can’t see to learn the menus and thus have to obtain assistance from someone with sight to first look through the menu, then figure out how to write it down in an accessible structure, then poast it somehwere. I@ve tried to help with the last two, but an apparent lack of additional help from the community onj this project has meant it’s stgnated for a while (though I’ve had people express their interests etc).

On topic though, this theme is actually still one fo the best of S3 I think and the KI theme, whilst it’s overused by a large amount of the cast in S3, fits here as Eyedol started it all with cheap boss mechanics back in the day.

Maybe they should use The Soul calibur formula , select stage , and later the icons of the stages are for select music in the same screen. No need to use extra menus.

Damn i love his music but i’ll prolly not hear it much as i never remember to change the damn music before a fight. This stupid lack of stages nonsense bothers me for this reason alone.


I thought Mick had said himself that he didn’t care for Riptor’s music, that he was short on time or something and that he wanted to go back and change it up.

It’s all im picking at the minute. Brilliant theme.