Japanese KI tournament at KSB 2016 going on right now

Stream here:


These Omen and Kan Ra players are extremely good!

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the quality is booty, but the matches are great so far.

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These guys are pulling out some unreal isht. Someone in the chat said it right - time must slow for them to make some of these breaks. I feel like I’m watching the “Jesus! What is happening?! The boat is on fire!!” edition of this game - kudos to everyone involved.


I guess they will be switching to Team Spooky’s Stream soon.

Trying to watch this on the archive. Did the stream drop many times? Seems like the VODs are broken up into many parts. Hard to tell what’s even going on when they are first setting up.

Grand finals was on Team Spooky twitch. Starting I believe from 1:20 onwards.
The KVO2k13 twitch archive has earlier matches (very nice Kan Ra!!).

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Thanks bro!

Yeah, I watched top 3 live yesterday! Awesome Kim and arbi! =D

Woah just watched the stream. These Japenese players are crazy! A regular arby has a grenade on them already->launcher ender and waits for the bomb to do a recapture. But not Japan! Gotta get a second grenade and do a THREE ENDER LOOP! Also, shadow counter and DP everything! I need to see more Japenese footage and lab up, lol.


Is there any youtube video of this tournament?

Not yet. Hopefully soon.

Yeah I got confused about which videos they were but found them.

Dude that Kan-ra was scary crazy! Loved it!