Japanese KI scene: What do you want to see next?

Hi everybody,

For the next Japan KI scene/ community article, I am again asking for your input.
(For those not interested at all, please stop reading now and wait for Gargos)

There have already been requests to interview players like osomatsu (Omen) and ogty (Hisako, Arbiter). But allow me to ask you again what you would like to read about next in a potential new interview.

Please also vote on a few random questions and leave any specific requests below. thank you!

q1 When would you like to see the next article come out?

  • after the last S3 character is released
  • Before Evo 2016
  • Whenever ready

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q2 What topics should be featured broadly? you can choose multiple answers.

  • player profile and background
  • characters specific discussion
  • opinions on KI season 3

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q3 would you like to see a video interview or do you like reading the Japanese KI scene articles?

  • I enjoy reading the Japanese KI scene articles in text format on this site
  • I would like to have video to watch on YouTube

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q4 would you be interested in seeing eSports worthy player introductions for tournaments?

  • yes, I am interested
  • no, not interested

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q5 would you be interested in seeing a top US/European player take it up against your favorite Japanese player?

  • yes, I am interested
  • no, not interested

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That’s it. Leave your comments below.


I can’t really say which specific player I would want to see interviewed as all of them seem like wonderful fellows that would be fun to learn about! My only (not really plausible) complaint is the vote for either a written article or video interview. I honestly wish I could vote for both on that but I know that’s way too much effort to do so I’m fine with either or.

Keep up the great work man, you’re doing the community a huge favor!

Please vote, people. Need some input from the community.

Thank you. I will keep this in mind!

Yeah, making a video has my preference but production value matters to me. On the other hand, reading an article can be refreshing in an age where everything is very visual already.

I am honestly fine with either or and am more than down with what you decide to do. Video interviews are nice because not only do you get to hear what the interviewee says, but you can also pick up on their body language and tell what kind of person they are more reliably. Whereas with written articles, like you mention, are pretty refreshing and make for good material to consume when you can’t watch a full video (like for example on a lunch break at work or if you’re having to listen to something else.)

The one thing I can say, is maybe try one video interview to see how it works out, and then from there let the community help decide.

Maybe you can make a video interview but also write out an article version? Besides it taking a bit more time and effort, doesn’t have much of a downside to essentially make a transcript of the video. The reason my vote goes for the normal article format is because it’s easier to present background information and stuff. It can be done in video too of course, just personally I think it’s easier through writing. Assuming the interviewee is cool with a video, If you have a preference for video though, I say go for it. Worth a shot!

kepp going BO BO :heartbeat:

Thank you for vorting people.

Thanks. At this point, making a video is just an idea I am toying with. Maybe nice for the future.
Subtitles will also be needed once I make these videos so that’s another piece of work. Anyway, just checking if people like(d) the article format, and if there is/was any preference for a video format…apparently there is too.

Shouldn’t this be written in Japanese as well? :slight_smile:

Have made some footage with a handy cam (!) (better than nothing, guys) of offline casual matches featuring our own @STORM179 against a bunch of Japanese players in downtown Tokyo.

All I need now is the time to edit and upload them to youtube. It won’t be longer than 30 minutes or so.

Here’s list of recorded matches:
Storm (Hisako) vs Domi (RAAM)
Storm (Hisako) vs Ogty (Arby)
Storm (Hisako) vs Keisuke (Cinder)
Storm (Hisako) vs Tokata (RAAM/Tusk)
Storm (Hisako) vs Ret (Wulf)

Too busy these days, so hopefully during the weekend I get to upload some for your viewing pleasure. STAY TUNED.


Really interested in that @STORM179 vs Domi

Thanks again for helping organize that @BoJima404, and for showing me around Tokyo! Had an awesome time here :tada::smile::tada:


YEEEESSSSSS FINALLY. been really interested in this.

@TheNinjaOstrich @FallofSeraphs76

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