Jago's Matchups

Actually if you know it’s a fired up dp, then you can actually shadow counter it. The timing is pretty easy too. I found this out after some lab time the other night. Try it out :smile:

I tested the shadow countering in the video, if they do 2 DP’s you cannot shadow counter it.

Nice data, thanks for the videos

Darn the recovery on that thing is too quick lol. However shadow countering heavy trailblazer is pretty easy. It’s like Sadira heavy Widow Bite. Just gotta read it a bit.

Yep, the pillar makes an unsafe move safe, so you punish before the pillar and you’re golden =)

Riptor is really tearing me a cosmos of new ones right now

She has extreme mixup potential but all of it is very unsafe.

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Riptor is one of your easier match ups tbh it might not seem like it but just bait her to do something unsafe then punish her.

On her wake up use heavy laser sword (if she doesn’t have meter) it will beat out anything she tries to do.

If you block her talon rake Heavy DP her she can’t do anything to stop it even if she goes for a tail flip she will eat a counter Hit DP.

If she likes to run in > flame breath either nuetral jump or ex windkick.

Riptor may seem annoyingly fast at first but you can bully her she’s no sabrewulf.

Yeah I figured out the do talon rake bit, but what if she does a fireball. I haven’t tested it but I think dp will get beat out. Also what if she tries to run back on wake up, will heavy laser sword catch it? Or would it be better to just option select meaty mk into m. Windkick on her wakeup I mean, assuming you know the back run is coming.

This is how i usually play a few of the match ups
VS TJ: knockdown and bully his wakeup (mostly with heavy laser or close mk)
VS Hisako: Same as TJ while baiting counters
VS Thunder. Zone with fireballs and have DP ready
VS Cinder: DP everything
VS Glacius: Get meter and shadow windkick punish his moves. Dp jump pokes
VS Fulgore: Walk through zoning while blocking (dont jump)
Vs Aria: Same as Fulgore

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Yeah Hisako is another character I get blown up by. Well to be honest I get blown up by everyone s1 and 2 except Cinder and Aganos. Wulf gets me the worst. Got a lot to learn lol.

DP will also beat out the fireball. Even if you’re late with the reaction you’ll trade and she’ll take a ton more damage than you do.

Kool thx I’ll apply this to my game thx

problem with wulf is hes so hard to block you have to stay on the offensive. hes not blockable without guessing imo

Exactly, it feels like once I start blocking it becomes a one player game unless I break something. Just gotta get better defensively that’s all.

I’ve been working a bit on this matchup lately. I basically agree with you – TJ owns the neutral game in this matchup since powerline invalidates your zoning tools, so it’s pretty much about TJ running his powerline options on you, and you hoping to come out with a knockdown or at least some plus frames so you can get your pressure going and abuse his weak reversal game – but I think it’s also worth canvasing our options against the powerline mixup.

I’ve found that pressing a light button when you see powerline start up will stuff powerline’s armor, so you can cancel into a DP to beat powerline. It will also beat a shoot toss, but lose to flying knee and spin fist; and depending on whether you recover in time or not, you might end up DPing his more predictable follow-ups to tumble (such a throw), or getting wrecked in your recovery frames or faked-out by a tumble-block. Other options include block (which is okay against spin fist, decent against powerline, beats flying knee, gets wrecked by shoot toss and possibly tumble), throw (beats tumble; loses hard to flying knee and spin fist; might beat powerline and shoot toss?) … maybe shadow fireball at full screen (if you can actually react in time to get this out, should beat everything except a tumble or a fakeout), neutral jump if you’re far enough away (gets wrecked by flying knee regardless; could beat everything else except fakeout, but will get wrecked by any hitbox if you’re too close) …

I don’t think I’ve canvassed everything yet. I’m still unaware of a reliable option that simultaneously beats shoot toss and spin fist, which might be TJ’s two best options. Even if we do get a better covering of TJ’s options, we’re still playing the neutral on his terms, and having to deal with correctly blocking tremor and whatnot is bound to fray reactions to a point where reacting to a powerline startup with something that might constitute a sensible read on his options is still difficult. But if anyone is doing anything else that they feel like noting here, it’d be appreciated.


Jago vs TJ , I would advise against trying to zone. I’ve had the most success by getting close and luring him into a footsie battle. The counters you mentioned to powerline do work, the problem is that if you guess wrong it could lead to you taking truck loads of damage very quickly. The goal should be, as you say, to invalidate powerline because it affords him too many options to counter basically everything you do. Up close the worst you have to worry about is a shoot toss tick throw. This can be back dashed and full combo punished if TJ gets too predictable. Back fist is a reliable frame trap for TJ but Tiger Fury can stuff his follow up if you don’t mind the risk or have meter to make it safe. On wakeup, meaty him everytime. Meaty St. Mk into Cr. Lk will stuff roll attempts. Once you teach TJ not to roll you pave the way to start using other mixups. When it comes to footsies and frame traps, I’d say Jago is definitely the better man.

Another tactic I liie to maximize the exploitation of his weak wakeup is to go for short combos, 1 to 2 chance breaks at the most. You wanna keep him on his b u t t much as you can while coercing a guess break. Hope that helped a bit.

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[Here’s a match of me against a TJ player. I employ some of the tactics I mentioned above. I made plenty of mistakes but you should be able to see what I mean. After he takes a life guage notice how he backs up to reestablish his powerline options.


She cannot do anything if you time a meaty heavy lasersword she is forced to block if she tried anything absolutely anything she will get clipped. The only time she can do something is if she has meter.

If you block talking rake just DP she cannot do anything in time if you DP right away.

Do these and you force her to play neutral which is where Jagos beats her

@SigmaAngelus copy this post in your OP


On wake up use heavy laser sword as a meaty, she is forced to Block unless she has meter.

She cannot run, mash jabs, tail flip head but or anything.

Talon rake, avoid the guessing game and learn to DP a blocked talon rake in reaction she has no time to do anything.

TJ Combo

On wake use heavy lasersword it stuffs all his wake up options just like riptore, he cannot roll, grab, power line, tremor, jab none of it unless he has meter.

Stay on TJ and don’t give him space to run the power line mix up game.

I will post about more Jagos match ups on request. Why can you believe what I say because simply you can’t test it for yourself and you’ll see what I say is the truth. I have no reason to lie to my fellow Jagos players.