Jago's Advantage After a Combo Break

This is just a little nitpick but Jago shouldn’t be at an advantage after his combo is broken, as with any character who’s had their combo broken. If Jago has meter, if you break his combo, he’s immediately able to perform a Shadow Windkick, of which hits you while you are still in the recovery animation of the neutral reset.

The only time, I’ve been able to block this was after breaking an areal juggle and I was able to block, but even so, he was right back in my face.

To my knowledge, no other character can be broken and then continue to be at an advantage. Can this be tweaked, please.

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Backdash it then.

I tried and I was hit before I could back dash.

What? You obviously timed it wrong.

To my best of knowledge, I didn’t. Jago is hitting me during the neutral reset animation. The Shadow Windkick animation seems to start just right before he hits the ground and cancels the landing recovery. Due to the distance Jago is thrown, a back dash wouldn’t work anyway, as I would still be hit by it. I don’t even have time to input a block before I’m struck. Part of this might be due to input latency while online. Even so, Jago shouldn’t be able to be broken and still be at an advantage.

did it read as punishment?

My brain is tired… I’m not sure I follow you.

You know “PUNISHMENT” on-screen? When you got hit?

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I know what you’re talking about now. Sorry… brain is dead. That’s what happens when you fix cell phones all day. :smiley:

I’ll have to review my recorded fights to verify that. I’ll save the instance and post a vid when I have time.

This happens to me a lot against Jagos and they know it works if they are a good jago Main. But I agree its a bit aggressive for someone being combo broken plus he gains meter so fast it happens often.
I dont know if its a bad thing. Ill have to look at it a bit closer next time.

If Jago has you in a grounded combo state, and you break his combo, the combo break forces Jago into a flipout, which is not a soft or hard knockdown, and as such, the moment he touches the ground, he is able to continue his pressure. The reason why it’s more dominant with Jago is that a good bit of his game relies on that pressure and his shadow windkick is strong pressure being positive on block, as well as traveling forward very quickly within a small timeframe. It’s a great way to close the gap quickly created by the combo breaker to regain momentum.

However, this isn’t limited to just Jago, but any character that’s combo broken in a grounded combo flips out, which leads to a reset to neutral for both players (usually) at the same time, can pull off shadow moves the moment they touch ground, and so you have to be prepared to react appropriately. I can do the same thing with Cinder’s Shadow Trailblazer (and have several times) on being combo broken to continue my pressure strings.

That said, if he’s juggling you while you are in the air, and you break his combo, he goes into a soft knockdown, which puts you at a slight advantage.

In the event you combo break Jago, and you know he has meter, then you need to be ready to react appropriately. I see a lot of people make the mistake that this is Street Fighter and try to mash jab on wakeup as a counter, but it just doesn’t work on shadow windkick. The best idea would be a preemptive neutral jump to jump over it and counter upon landing, or if you are spaced correctly for it, a jumping neutral cross up could work too, depending on the situation. If you have meter yourself, you should probably try to block it, as the chip damage isn’t that high, and then shadow counter. Shadow windkick is one of the easier moves in the game to shadow counter, and makes predictable Jago’s pay with strong punishment. You could also try a DP style move, but that has the potential to trade rather than win out, depending on your character.

So in short, Jago’s not the only one who can fight back the moment he touches the ground. Any player who’s been flipped out, like in a grounded combo breaker, can begin their assault the moment they touch the ground, but there is no combo breaker in the game that leaves you vulnerable and lets them hit you free if you combo break correctly. No matter the character, you will be able to at least block, so if you are getting hit after breaking, you may be trying to counterattack with something ineffective and you should look for an alternate counter for the situation.

It’s tough to deal with sometimes, but Jago’s a pressure character. Now that his damage has been toned down somewhat, his meter build and damage ratio is much more fair. Hit up training mode sometime, record the situation, and try some different counters to see if you can find something more reliable to counter.

No he means jago’s shadow windkick can tag him before he is able to block or do anything.

Well if it’s actually hitting him before he can block then it’s definitly a bug that should be reporter in the bug thread. But just make sure it’s not simply what Iron Flame said.

Correct. I’ve tried neutral jumping with Sadira, but it tags me before the jump animation starts. I’ve tried blocking, but I’m hit before I can even block. I’ll have to try and duplicate it to verify that this is the case.

So it is a bug. Because gargos’ minions can do this too.

Give me some time, and I’ll Frame step this to see if I can give some numbers.

Edit: Here we go. @FengShuiEnergy @SoSRaGnArOk

I’m using Jago versus Jago. I’m setting the Dummy to do the combo, and I am manually breaking.

First test: When I break Jago he is -1. Meaning, after breaking his combo, you should be able to input the same move as him and have yours come out first by 1 frame.

Sceond test: Doing the same as above except this time, the Jago getting his combo broken is inputting Shadow Wind Kick while in the air after the combo breaker, (as shown here):

(Note: Dummy’s inputs are on the right side)

This means that he’ll be doing the Shadow Wind Kick as soon as he possibly can. However, I’m just gonna hold back because I know it’s coming. And what do ya know?

I blocked it. I would do the fancy @Infilament gifs with stopping on specific frames, but I don’t know how to do that.

Anywho, unless it’s a certain character that this is happening to, this should be the case for every character. Also, since the startup for Shadow Wind Kick is 3,4 that means you have 9 frames (as the one breaking the combo) to block because of 1 additional travel frame and him being -1 after the combo breaker.


Ok so bad timing then. But gargos’ minions lleast izzik so far) is able to punish someone after a combo break either side. Before they can block or do anything. I’ve seen the “PUNISHMENT” icon pop up for doing so.

Yes, that is very possible.

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Actually, I just thought of something. Tell me if I’m just being stupid though.

What if you were Projectile Invulnerable until you’ve recovered from being broken or from breaking. That way you’re not punished for correctly breaking. Or, you could have the minions get knocked down if you combo break Gargos. They don’t lose a hit, but they get knocked down.

@Infilament I’d also like to know your thoughts.