Jade empire/ KI crossover

Microsoft has been wanting to bring back jade empire which was a martial arts rpg. I would love them to make that style of game but do it in the world of KI. You could
Join the alliance, ultratech or Gargos and train with your favorite characters to make up your moves and explore the whole
World and locations of KI.

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I think it would be cool, but Honestly I don’t think Jade Empire is a big enough brand to cross over with.

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MS wants to bring back Jade Empire? I haven’t seen this. Is that an MS IP? I kinda assumed it was a Bioware IP.

It’d be cool to get a Jade Empire character in KI. Not sure how much of a full on crossover they could do.

Maybe then just a KI rpg with the same gameplay rule of jade empire

I’d love a KI to be some sort of action adventure or beat em’ up or rpg style game. As long as I can pick ARIA then I’d be set.

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Is JE an MS property ? Or an EA property .