I've worn out a 3rd controller playing KI

Has anyone else had this issue? Basically what has been happening is after extended use the lower diagonal controls stop working, so instead of doing a QCF, you only get down,forward. I’m pretty sure it’s due to the way the Dpad’s designed…the bottom of the Dpad is just plastic tabs rubbing on a metal bubble on the circuit board, and apparently after a while the tabs start to wear down…not much, but enough to make diagonal commands not register well. Before I had the issue with 2 controllers, and I had a green camo controller as a control…it worked fine. But on the other 2, let’s call them A & B, one of the 2 lower diagonals worked and one didn’t. I tried swapping out Dpads, and if I put say A’s Dpad in the green camo controller, the left diagonal would drop and A would work just fine. If I swapped out B’s Dpad…same thing.
Ultimately I just got replacement Dpads on Ebay…but now the Camo controller is having the same issue…which really sucked because I was pitted against a pro star player on ranked.

Anyway, long story short, I’m just giving a warning to fellow controller warriors…if your Dpad starts to fail, instead of getting a whole new controller, get a security bit screwdriver (if you don’t already have one) and a new Dpad or 2, and take the old Dpad out & replace it. Find a tutorial as to how to get your controller open if you need to…it’s not that hard to be honest…just pop the side panels off the back and unscrew like 5 screws.

That being said, I have had my controllers for awhile now…since 2014. Has anyone had similar issues with new controllers? I am curious to as if this issue was fixed or it just pretty well ignored.


take it apart, put about 7 layers of electrical tape over the down button on the circuit board. reassemble, enjoy your QCF/B and DPs. (i’ve fixed 3 now)

Can’t say I officially worn out a controller’s dpad but I have certainly made caused them a lot of stress. That isn’t just because of the time the controller is used but also because of its poor design.

I even heard stories of the bumpers just falling off, making the controller utterly useless since their was no way to repair them whatsoever once the bumper detached itself from the control. Still keeps me up at night :scream:

That said, I picked up the Elite a few months back and it has done wonders for me. Normally the controller would have some signs of being worn-down but this one still keeps going. That isn’t to say it feels completely new, that is the case when any controller. But when I felt it I instantly knew it would last me a great while and so far it has!

I’ll just leave this here…

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Fightpad plus brooks converter

Yeah, I have an elite controller…& love it so far…it’s just disappointing that this is the third standard controller I’ve had to replace the Dpad on.
I’m glad I still have a couple of spares from the first time. Just thought this thread would be be a good warning for those that weren’t aware.

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Woah, this is for the Elite? That’s brutal, I thought you were referring to the standard version. If that is the case, thanks for the heads up.

Honestly that doesn’t sound so much fixed so much as jerry-rigged…kinda like fixing your broken car window using a heavy sheet of plastic & some duct tape.

Oh, nonono…I’m meaning the standard controllers.

edit: I fixed my previous post to avoid more confusion.

saves $50, problem is the board buttons wear out, so they unclick on the diagonal, but still click fine on the cardinal directions. i’m guessing the replacement d-pads have longer posts, which does the same thing…

Ooooooh okay I get what you mean now. Regardless, three controllers all busting on the dpad is brutal. I wonder why MS didn’t just keep the original model of the 360 with a more refined feel instead of new parts and whatnot.

the jerry-rigged controller got me to killer at least

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been playing since pretty much day one and cant say ive had the same issue, maybe you’re just being too hard on the controllers, but then again i use the stick rather than the d pad, or seem to switch between them while fighting for some reason.

Thanks for this post. I have had to replace my controller because I had this exact same thing happen. I needed a new play/charge anyways though so I got that bundle. I didn’t know you could replace the D-Pad though.

The only other controller issue I have had is with shoulder buttons wearing out, but that doesn’t bother my KI playing because I only press them for the 3-P/K macros.

Does the brooks work on any stick on any system?

you can replace them, but its literally the top piece, if you break the contacts (or wear them out at least) you’re still screwed

I’m thinking about shelling out for one of the elite controllers soon. I noticed that the left button on my dpad is going out. Kind of good I guess. It’s the controller that came with the Xbox when I bought it in 2013.

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ive had this happen to both my controllers. the QCF and QCB quit working and cost me dozens of losses. thats when i put my foot down and chose to swap to arcade stick. havent looked back ever since, its something id recommend but that learning curve will be a ■■■■■


I’ve gone through 4 of them…Terrible build quality on these standard XBO controllers. I’ve had bumpers go out and the left analog.

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Just thought I’d let you guys know that the Elite controller has the exact same issue. I got mine when it first came out in October thinking it would be immune, and it finally started having this same issue about a month back. No controller is safe.


Have you tried getting a convertor and using a PS3/PS4 controller. I used those two for years and not any wear or tear plus I personally think the D-Pads are far surperior than any DPad Microsoft has put out.