I've spent $120 on this game and still don't get Shadow Jago

I know he is separate from all the bundles, but some of us bought every Ultra edition and don’t even get a slight discount on the character. He costs $10 on his own, but those of us who followed the game since the beginning and wanted the complete package ended up paying this obscene amount and still got to pay extra for the complete package. Microsoft, pls.

He actually costs $5, you get Jago as well as $5 in KI gold along with him.

I’ve had him since day one, when I bought my Xbox One and KI season 1. I’ve since bought every DLC they’ve put forth as well as ANOTHER Shago in the form of the community bundle even though I already had the character. I mean, if you’ve already spent $120 for KI, why would an extra $5 really be the line in the sand? :\


Until Shadow jago is SOLD for $5 by himself I wouldn’t pass that off as FACT. By the logic you’re saying, i’d normally agree, but the only indication of a price for him was $20 (The community fund). So until he’s actually sold for that amount BY ITSELF, then I won’t say Shago is 5 bucks even if the Ultimate Shago Bundle suggests that he is.

Shago has always been part of a bundle, complaining about him now that he’s sold year round is kind of greedy in my opinion. Never has he been sold by himself, so I don’t see where the confusion and angst is coming from. Shago has NEVER had a price, period. I only came up with the $5 of subjective worth for the sake of argument, the current bundle if Shago is priced at $5 would technically give you $15 in content for $10. Or I guess you get $10 of content and Shago free. Every time he’s been sold he’s basically been free WITH purchase of something else, a LIVE card, a KI gold bundle, a character/gold bundle, etc.

I mean come on, they bent over backwards and broke their promises to the fans who got him on day one and sold him, not once, not twice but THREE times and then went a step further and made him a year-round purchase. Just seems a little unsavory to keep complaining at this point. Either Shago is worth the ten bucks or he isn’t.


I understand, I agree with most of what you said, however when you tell people Shadow Jago is $5 in value, I feel like you make them more mad that in order to get him they have to pay more. I’m not affected nor mad about the situation because I payed ten dollars for Shadow Jago on day one back in december. I just wanted to express to you how I felt about you saying that and how others may feel about you saying that. The bundle IS A GOOD DEAL, but people ONLY want shadow jago.

Also, the business model of this game is weird so they don’t see Shadow Jago as a separate DLC from regular characters. He is by all right the “DLC” of this game. Do you follow what i’m saying?

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I getcha, sorry if I sound agitated I guess I am. As someone who’s enjoyed Shago for over two years I’m glad to see how much love he’s gotten, people have been begging for him for ages, each time he’s sold people are gracious for the chance to buy him but now that he’s being sold full-time, all I see is bitching and moaning about it. Its a little unsettling seeing as some people who REALLY wanted him went as far as to buy Day one LIVE cards on Ebay just to get him for $60+ and now people are getting all uppity about an extra $10.

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oh yeah man I agree! they’ll never be happy haha

You’ve spent $120 but $130 is too much? Ok.

If you have been spending an extra $20 each season for costumes then $10 for Shago sounds like a pretty good deal. If you’ve been in from the start you had three prior chances to pick him up.

The moral of this story is someone will always beg for a price drop or a freebie no matter what.

Dear Microsoft: I have been a loyal customer for years. I have Win 10, and actually two Xbox Ones. It’s insane. I hardly have any money left but you still want to charge me $59.99 for Quantum Break? C’mon, MS. Don’t be so greedy.


ive spent over $200 on this game and I deserve a Microsoft Surface loaded with Photoshop and a high end stylus.



So… Exactly like everyone else?

Everyone has had to pay the same amount of money. Well not exactly, the original Shadow Jago owners had to buy a special edition XBL card to get him. He was never an individual character but a memorabilia for the launch of the Xbox One. It was only at a point where the competitive player scene was stagnant and shrinking that this forum started to worry and MS/IG decided to make him a real character but needed to be funded which would go towards giving pro players an incentive to play.

So overall, Shago was never meant for you or me who are people looking to own everything about the game but for the competitive scene to grow. Even now the only reason why he is on sale is because people complained that it wasn’t fair competitively, to which I disagree, soon another community fund will take place and it won’t be included in the Complete Editions because it’s not meant for you. It’s meant to gather money for pro players and events like the Killer Instinct World Cup to Flourish.

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It’s buyer’s luck, everytime you buy a product in ADVANCE you run the risk of not geting bang for your buck. Don’t act childish and pretend like you didnt know the price of certain things would be for less or given to you. The Ultra editions didnt promise shadow jago, nor should you expect it. Shadow Jago is the extended DLC of the game. Deal with it :slight_smile:

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