I've done it: I beat Gargos for the first time. (normal difficulty)

After numerous hours of testing the game with a greyscale filter and optical character recognition, I’ve managed to beat Gargos on normal difficulty. However, my guardians weren’t assigned correctly (even though I tried my hardest to make that happen), so if anyone could help with the process for sorting that out with multiple team members before launching a mission and getting the launch to work correctly, that’d be great.

I would have a replay but it seems like they’re broken when they’re played back from fight archive, though I can’t be precisely sure.

Now on to challenging.


I don’t know if this will help but I’ve noticed my replays of Shadow Lords fights always malfunction unless I’ve played at least a little shadow lords since starting the game. So if I boot up my game and try to watch a replay from SL right off the bat it’s always weird but as long as I do at least one SL match and THEN try to watch the replay (any SL replay) it seems to work. I’ve had some people tell me this doesn’t work for them though, so I can’t promise anything, but I hope this helps!