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BACK IT AGAIN!! ItzTymeTodul is teaming with Gaming Is A Calling (GIAC) to bring you KILLER WEDNESDAY. This is a session where you can play KI with me and get to know the DC, Maryland, Virginia KI scene more.

I’ll be streaming WEEKLY LIVE from Washington D.C. you can catch the stream@

SEE YOU THERE! :smile::+1:


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@Yperdaimonios @Paramisery @MandrillManiac @Fwufikins @KevBones10 @xSkeletalx @ToxicVampire

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It’s a shame it’s on Wednesdays. Only day of the week I am busy with commentary :disappointed:

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Damn, I would’ve played too! I’ll be on next Wednesday.

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Gave you a follow

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If I had seen this yesterday I would have hit you up. Next week for sure! Just keeps us updated.

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HEY GUYS, ITS THAT TIME AGAIN! ill be streaming at at 6:30 EST tonight. the stream will be around 2 hours. STOP ON BY!