Its way to early, I know but here are a couple of Eyedol nitpicks

Lemme start off by saying I love Eyedol, both the modern and retro. He’s going to be my main, that being said there are a couple of little nitpicks I’ve noticed from the trailer and the saucy suite breakedown stream that I wanted to address asap. Keep in mind these are nitpicks, meaning they’re not really a big deal but more of a personal gripe so take it with a grain of that salt the Eyedol haters are secreting as we speak.

  1. Eyedol no longer refers to himself as “we” and instead said “I” in the trailer, not a huge deal but it really changes a lot about his character’s persona. Can’t tell you how much it sucked seeing Venom in the 3rd Spiderman movie not saying “We are venom” anymore, frankly it ruined the character even more than it already was.

  2. Retro Eyedol looks amazing, however when both heads are active he still has the fuzzy static electricity between the heads. It would go a long way with this old fanboy if that could be disabled, then again the SFX for retro Cinder’s mask still hasn’t been removed so I’m not sure this will either.

  3. Well that’s it for now, sorry to whine so soon but hey I figured its good to get it out. Keep up the good work, Eyedol has single-handedly saved season 3 for me.

Where did you see Retro Eyedol?

They showed it off on the Saucy Suite stream a little bit ago, also someone posted this image but I don’t know where its from.


Any images of his accesories?

They’ll be showing them off over the course of the week leading up to Eyedol’s release, but that’s a discussion for another topic~

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