It's there a story and if not there needs to be for arbiter, rash, abd General raam

Are these just cameo characters used to hype up season 3? Cause I really want them to actually have a tie in

They have no part in the story, they’re just there for the sake of getting in some new players for the game.

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They are non-canon sorry.

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Pretty much, they have their own dialogue and I believe they also have a dossier but I’m not too sure on the dossier.

But pretty much what everyone else is saying, they are just guessed characters and that means they are nonessential to the story as in they are not cannon.

They’re non-canon but I’m pretty sure I heard they will still have mimic skins.

They have their own stories…

…In their own respectively games.


They are taking up enough space as it is


They announced that they were non-canon way back at the Rash beta.

I do think they should unlock something canon or not.

Also they should have mimics in Shadow Lords. I don’t think Mimics would limit them selves to characters that the heroes know I’m pretty sure they’d take the form of strangers too.

Thought it was stated the mimics take after the heroes (aka the canon).

Its really dumb the decisions they make with these guest. They are not part of the story yes, but you could give them personal endings that has nothing KI related just to conclude the chars. Mkx does it and other fighting games have done it before. Being guest is no excuse. Laziness if u ask me. If Kof had guest they would still have an ending

They’re not canon so I don’t think they need a story explaining who or how they did stuff in the KI universe.

However I think the likes of Riptor and any of the non-guest characters need a cinimatic story if they don’t have one.

IG doesn’t see it that way.

If you’d have been paying attention to how much these devs have put out in such a short amount of time with as small of a team as they have, you would not be blindly throwing things said like that out in public…

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Was it? regardless having more match-ups is better.

Eh, I’m unaffected by it either way.