Its mid February

Why don’t we have a release date yet for season 3? Its close to March, we should know something. Soon?


Yeah what the heck, they should at least start sharing concept art or something. Keep the trailers for later but give us something to chew on. Where are developer videos about what is going on in the minds as they head to release. There should be vid docs like the Halo ones where they counted down until it released. Can we atleast get silly ones like the ones for Dive Kick? What is Dave Lang doing in his office right now? Keits pls.

More than likely, they’re waiting for the game show next week… just maybe we’ll get some info this Friday.

I know, but dear god we are starving. That aside the Lupe Fiasco Vs Diago in SFV match is about to start.

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In case any of you were unaware, today was President’s Day here in the US, and a lot of companies had today off. It’s entirely possible the team wasn’t even in the office today, so I say just wait and see if we get anything this week.

What show is this, if I may ask?

Lupe bow to Daigo is so awkward…

Windows10/Xbox event on the 25th. It may show games, it may show nothing. They aren’t exactly hyping it up so am not expecting nothing. Nintendo Directs and PlayStation shows seem to have a lot more importance placed on them and this event doesn’t even have a name so it’s probably just a thing for the media to play behind closed doors.

I think I’m approaching that danger zone where I let out a sigh of disappointment at the utter lack of… well, anything whatsoever regarding S3. Next thing that happens is I reluctantly turn my back on the game and hopefully return several months later.

I’m not sure how to interpret the silence. the KI cup I think was meant to hold us over until release in March. we don’t know a price or release date and I’m thinking of taking my allocated money to another game. even tho I’m not sure how much money to set aside. guess they want me to pull 40 bucks out my ■■■ at a moments notice. either competition with SFV means indirect confrontation with PS4 or it’s just crappy Communication with consumers. if I buy season 3 is it free on Windows 10? freakn joke if u ask me

I think there’s some mutual unspoken respect between fighting game developers, and IG is just trying to be polite by not stepping all over SFV and MKXL’s feet as they’re building up hype for their individual releases.

At this point it’s becoming more obvious that KI S3 won’t roll out until the later half of March… so they’ll probably let MKXL have a week to shine, then IG will bombard us with 3 weeks of season 3 hype.

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Yes. They’ve stated that if you own KI on one platform, you own it on both platforms. There will also be cross-play, so people on PC will be fighting against XB1 users. Play the game on whichever platform suits you.

Yeah, because Capcom and NRS would never do something like that.

I say ■■■■■ taking the high road. It’s dog-eat-dog out there, let them know they have ample competition. Not that they need to, the way story mode for SFV is looking.

February 25
It is better to drop release dates and teasers/trailers on a press event than via forum posts.

Threads like these will not move them any faster. I am sure they have stuff mapped out.

KI Cup - Kim Wu/Season 3 demo
Dead Silence
Dead Silence
Season 3 release date revealed
Dead Silence
Dead Silence
Season 3 releases
Trailer for Season 3 releases


LOL. I love that you drop the trailer after the release of the season. Well played sir!

Seriously, we don’t need another thread about this. We can all beg for info in one of the three or four existing threads.

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I think the majority are more concerned with x amount of money on x day of March. people are fickle and gamers especially so. gamers usually have budgets and constraints on what purchases they make. no release date and no pricing also complicates those things I mentioned. I’m not asking for character count or trailer/teaser release dates.

Come on, how hard is it to guess that the price is gonna be same or very similar to previous seasons. 20$ for combo pack and 40$ for Ultra pack.

Also I saw a tweet from Keits where he and some others discussed the pricing of SFV vs KI. And he said KI has better value because you can get all seasons for 60$. Someone question his statement about it and he replied something like Combo pack season 1= 20$, season 2= 20$ season 3= 20$ Total= 60$

Think you are getting that confused with parents lol Gamers don’t care how much money they spend on games… that’s why this is all the collectors editions etcetc… I assume S3 if be same pricing or lower depending on what’s in the package. I would also assume the next trailer will drop all the info needed.

so using the word “guess” and “budget” in the same sentence is clearly a sign of non logic. his tweets weren’t anything other than speculation, same goes for your comment. I can pull numbers outta my ■■■ too. SW battlefront standard 30 bucks?..nope, 50$.
arkham knight? nope 40 bucks. destiny? nope 40 bucks. I’d hate to see how your balanced checking account looks like with all the guessing you like to do