Its me or this is a input (joypad) error?

Here is my problem
when you are in combo and press MK + MP you perform a Counter Breakers possibility.
But why mp+lk works like counter breaker.?
this input ruin my control setup, because “triggers” are so sensitive.
my setup:
Left trigger : lk
X: mk
B: hk
right trigger: Lp
X: mp
Y: Hp

my problem is when i start a fast combo like
windkick ->>MP—>lK
it result in a counter breaker attempt, not intentional.
I post a video.
On screen inputs cant ““VIEW”” the all the inputs.
its intentional or is a bug?

Thanks in advance.

It’s not a bug, it’s an alternate input for fightstick users that’s supposed to make things easier. Basically:
LK+MP is the same as hitting MK+MP. You can use it for medium breaks and counter breakers.
LK+HP is the same as hitting HK+HP. You can use it for heavy breaks and instinct activation.

For fight sticks can be great… but for control or joypad its a nightmare to me. because the sensitivity of the triggers.
A option : on/ off could be possible?
Thanks from Argentina

EDIT: maybe a large input time between mp and lk can solve the problem… if you look in my video, the machine sometimes don not show in screen mp+lk inputs , and show mp—>lk inputs BUT ANYWAY PERFORM a counter breaker… so i asume there is a problem with input timming.
Sorry i dont know how to explain in correct words.