It's good to be back

For any of you who don’t know, I joined this forum since the beginning of this year. I had fun participating to the feedbacks of this game for a long time, however when the new update to the forum arrived, I wasn’t able to log in or sign up with my current email and gamertag. So I’ve jumped to the Halo forum for some time and immediately regretted that as 90% of that community is toxic. Whoever saids this community is toxic, you have no idea what toxic truly means when comparing this, to the Halo community. This forum is taking seriously as the creators of this game will listen to our feedbacks, plus this community actually give out feedbacks without trying to say that KI sucks or start a comment war after. I’ve missed this community lol but seriously it’s good to be back. Also what did I miss since I was gone?

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Here’s the list you might have missed out:

  • The Shago (real boy) character is coming next month
  • Extended backstories for each character

I think that’s all I can think of. Other than that, nothing is new


Oh really? Ok thanks.

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Welcome back! :smile:

Did you catch the Rash beta?

A little bit but I was burnt out of that time, in fact I still am a little. Rash was…interesting lol


take it from me I consider the Halo community to be very problematic as well, I’m a part of it too.
More importantly though, welcome back. your not missing a lot.
Kim-Wu is confirmed for KI and like the last guy said shago will be out in December.

Um, @justathereptile I happen to be a girl that mentioned what I said above LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel your pain as well LOL.

The idea that someone s opinion is valid because they have agood K/D thing is BS too.

Anyway welcome back my friend.

Thank you very much :blush: