Issues with color 10s not showing up (solved: out on 29th)

Anyone getting their color 10 to show up after redeeming the codes? I’ve restarted the game, I even remember seeing some of the “color installed” messages pop up, but none of my characters have a 10…

Is it just me?

They’re not unlocking for me either. I bought Jago, Fulgore, and Sabrewulf and none of the colors unlocked. However, when I bought the limited Shadow Jago it unlocked immediately.

Colors won’t unlock until the 29th, CStyles mentioned it on the unboxing stream I believe.

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oooooh, ok. Thanks for the heads up!

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Hmm yeah I figured they were made after the lighting changes. So it would make sense.

Just responding so you can have the official word, if you will, but yeah. Color 10 for Jago, Fulgore, Hisako, and Sabrewulf aren’t active until you receive the Season 3 update.

Color 11 for Shadow Jago is live now, though.


Can’t wait to see if Orchid will ever have something other than her vest to wear!

Guess it’s alright that I’m waiting to purchase mine till later. Half the reason I want them is for the snazzy in game stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: Though I certainly don’t think I’d mind having KI figures on my shelf either

Seems a waste to let people redeem codes for something they don’t get for another 10 days… Would have been wise to put that on the code card. “Skin will not unlock until the 29th.” Only reason I ordered a Figure early was so I could have the color sooner. Wish I could get a refund for the extra shipping due to misleading information.

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