Is Tusk more important than Gargos

All the killer instinct wiki pages confirm that gargos will be back for season 3. you can check them on the net. But since he wont have any stage ( all stages are already shown), he will probably have to share the shadow dragon lair with omen and Shago. I just think it should have been maybe four stages confirmed. except if there will be a CPU boss battle only stage, or Gargos will not be playable at all.

I also understand that there will be at least two new original characters + a secret bonus character ,( which will make 9 nine in total ) who will definetly be eyedol ( I dont like eyedol at all tho) . So yeah whats up with Gargos ?

In the game’s story, probably not.

But to me personally, absolutely. Couldn’t care less about Gargos, but I absolutely love Tusk. ^^


Also wouldn’t hold your breath for a 9th secret character.
But on your point yes tusk is more important the gargos


I guess that depends on the person. I could live without Tusk, but a redesigned Gargos? TAKE MY MONEY NOW.

And in terms of story, Gargos is obviously pretty important. He seems to be the main antagonist of S3, but I think Tusk could play an important role. This idea that he is immortal in a way is intriguing. I also wonder what the medallion thing on his back strap is, as is is the same as the tattoo on his back…something tells me there is more to him than meets the eye :wink:

I’ve a feeling kan ra gave him amnesia over his past. Maybe tusk betrayed him?

yeah some guys noticed Tusk had the same writing as Aganos on his forehead. Maybe Tusk was the King’s Son and Aganos was his friend ( you know piccolo and gohan type of). Maybe thats why Tusk was beating kan ra at the end of his trailer.

Why would he share Jagos stage when he comes through the portal on Kan Ras stage it woudnt make sense to put him on Jagos stage

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I actually really like that idea. Idk if it adds up since the king is from Babylon and Tusk seems to hail from somewhere else but what if Tusk was the king? Maybe @GazR_J’s idea of Kan-Ra wiping his memory could be true. Kan-Ra would have a motive considering the king was the one who cursed him to begin with. Like I said idk if its adds up or not location wise (I am not an expert of Babylon or vikings) but I do love that idea lol

I feel the opposite, don’t care for Tusk but Gargos is awesome.


Another stage begging thread…

Well, as to the titular question - yes Tusk is more important than Gargos. But you could ask the question of Kim Wu as well. Or any S1-2 character because you are trying to suggest that having a stage is an indicator of “importance.” That’s not necessarily the case.

Also, Gargos hasn’t been confirmed as a character yet. So the argument that he doesn’t get a stage and is therefore less important is premature.

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blah blah blah I said clearly if you go to multplie wiki pages of KI , Gargos is confirmed. I didnt confirm gargos mysellf. Beside this is not a begging thread. Next time read before ranting , okay?

Wiki’s are not official. They are just fan conjecture. The only stuff “official” is what you find on this site.

Tusk is absolutely more important as a playable character than gargos. I actually hope that if Gargos is in this season that he isn’t playable. Maybe he IS a stage (chew on that for a minute).

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Poor old Eyedol doesn’t even get to be in the game let alone a stage :frowning:

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I’m fine with that.

Oh okay, But also since every character will have an arcade story mode, that implies that most stories have to end with the fight against gargos right. So could that mean he will be in the game as a boss for now ?

Aria has her own story arcade thingy. So will gargos

You know at Aria ending, gargos was about to arrive on earth. So that could mean her mode will end up fighting Gargos as boss, rather than ending on another cliffhanger like season 2

It does look unlikely, doesn’t it? So sad. :pensive: