Is this real?

Hisako No mercy in Shago stage?


What the hell? Looks like the stage ultra from Village of Whispers (Hisako’s stage).


Looks real, though Shago seems to be in a higher definition than normal.

Its achievement art. Probably done with a special dev build that allows them to do hisako’s stage ultra anywere. Or just editing. Either way, not possible during normal play.


If this was Hisako’s Ultimate, I’d be down. What say you @Marbledecker, my Onryo friend?


If it ended that way, I’d be fine with that!

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Pretty sure this is just a decent photoshop job. Looks good though.

As a fellow Hisako, I’d prefer something that we haven’t seen before.

Although I’ll admit that with crazy camera angles and good rigging it could probably be brought up to snuff.

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It’s not a photoshop, its official achievement art. Kinda makes you wonder.

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Fair enough. But I’m pretty sure MS and IG have photoshop too.

With all the visuals and particle effects, I doubt it was photoshopped.

I don’t beleive it means that all Ultimates will be coming to all characters, not unless we have more proof.

I’m gonna be firm on this unless it’s officially leigt because I’ve already gotten hyped for nothing today (refering to Smash stream)

There’s nothing stopping the devs from just copying Hisako’s stage ultra to Shadow Tiger Lair simply for some cool imagery. This reminds me of the Gears of War 3 beta ad that was plastered all over the Xbox dashboard. In it there was a big image of Cole holding a flaming retro lancer, despite that the gun was never actually made available.

A fair point right there.

But until someone comes out with more legit proof this one does nothing.

@xCrimsonLegendx What Acheivement is this art for?

Battle-worn, the one for getting 20 ranked wins.

Figured…Oh well.

Well guys this probably means no Ultimates for everyone.

Heya! I do the achievement screens for the game. I tend to toy around with things to get cool shots. This would be one of those times. That’s all :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally someone mentions/notices this.

objective of the topic explained. Topic concluded.

There you have it folks. Just awesome editing.

Thread Closed! :smile: