Is this game region locked? No matches in Exhibition

You would think there would be since the PC release
Or has this game died that much already?

Maybe everyone is playing competitively already, there’s more KI players on the X1 I believe.

Doesn’t matter on which side they are because they play against each other.

^ yea cross play. Sometimes there is ppl but sometimes theres no1 which makes me think maybe its region locked. Anyone know?
All these new windows players should be in Exhibition like me practicing for ranked.

If they are like me they go to the lab to see the moves, do the 10 survival matches for the achievement and to get a basic idea and then practice in ranked.

Just forgot about the whole cross-play thing lol

Thats true, im sorta in between Exhibition and Practice. Ill go Practice 1st to memorize moves then Exhibition to apply them. Still not game enought to touch Shadow Lab yet till im better.